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Aluminium Vacuum Cleaner


Refresh your life with ILIFE V80 cleaning and mopping in one smart device. This intelligent aluminium vacuum cleaner uses a dual- cleaning mode- vacuuming and wet mopping to offer deep and thorough floor cleanup. It methodologically plans its cleaning by dividing a larger area into smaller fragments and then targets every area for effective cleaning.


Cleaning Modes:
This grey vacuum cleaner comes with 5 different cleaning modes-

Auto mode- works for most interior setting cleaning
Spot mode- deeply cleans a specific area
Edge mode- used to clean edges and corners for dust-free surroundings
MAX mode- effectively cleans areas with concentrated dust and stains with a high suction power
Path mode- suitable for hard floorings, makes a planned route and cleans in the designed pattern


ILIFE V80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the Floor in a Smart and Powerful Way
With Strong Suction and Extra-large Dustbin

Vacuuming and Mopping in One

Utilizing dual cleaning mode - Vacuuming and
Mopping, V80 offers complete and thorough cleaning


V80 automatically returns to its charging dock
when battery runs low

Automatic charging

Returns to its dock on its own when runs out of battery, 90 to 100 minutes of cleaning time with 300 minutes of charging time, 2600 mAh battery.

Large dust tank capacity

V80 gives a large dust tank of 750ml for dirt collection and 300ml of water tank for wet mopping.

Flexible scheduling technology

Cleans the hose on a pre-set schedule with or without your presence. It uses the previously saved settings and cleans the house at the prescribed time. No need to set it every day as it can save the timing in its smart brain.

Large LCD Screen

5 mechanical buttons to change modes or set up cleaning schedules and an LCD screen.

Smart Sensors

Utilizing its smart sensors V80 pro avoids stairs, avoids obstacles and reaches hard-to-reach areas to clean the dust.

 Adjustable Water Volume

Effectively remove the Dust and stains with the perfect water volume while mopping.

Product Specifications

Navigation: Random + Path 
Cleaning Type: Dry & Wet
Dust Bin Capacity:750ml
Noise Level: ≤ 63dB
Cleaning Mode: Path, Classic, Spot, Edge
Colour: Metal Gray
Product Dimension(cm): 33cm*33cm*8cm
Product Content: 1x V80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 1x Water Tank, 1x Dust Tank, 1x Charging Base, 1x Power Adapter, 1x HEPA Filter, 1x Mopping Cloth, 2x Side Brushes, 1x Remote Control, 1x User Manual.
EAN: 6971263070113