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ILIFE T20s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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ILIFE X1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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Powerful Suction AI Robot Vacuum

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ILIFE A20 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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LDS Navigation Vacuum and Mop Combo

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ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, accurate LDS navigation technology helps generate a cleaning path that is both highly efficient and uses 360° and 4000S/s scanning, which results in twice as rapid mapping. By utilizing the SLAM algorithm, the robot chooses the most effective and systematic path based on its present position, ultimately achieving maximum coverage and can resume cleaning where it left off, once the automated charging is finished.
ILIFE Robotic Vacuum cleaners features a unique tank that holds both dust and water. This allows it to vacuum up dirt and debris, at the same time it mops your floors, leaving them completely clean and streak-free. Robot vacuum cleaner's 2-in-1 tank system allows a smooth transition between vacuuming and mopping tasks, saving time and effort and it efficiently tackles various cleaning needs.
Thanks to the innovative application of LiDAR technology, these cutting-edge models possess the capability to rapidly generate and store detailed maps for up to 5 levels within your home. This technological advancement ensures seamless and efficient navigation and cleaning across multiple floors, offering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness in maintaining a spotless living environment throughout your entire residence.
Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa voice control, allowing you to manage cleaning tasks through simple voice commands. Additionally, you can personalize cleaning routines using its dedicated mobile application, enabling you to set specific schedules, modes, and preferences for a tailored cleaning experience.
When the robot vacuum senses a change from hard floors to carpet, it automatically adjusts by boosting suction power to ensure effective cleaning. This feature extends the vacuum's cleaning reach across your entire home with improved efficiency.
The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a range of personalized cleaning features designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of users. These include customizable cleaning modes such as spot cleaning and scheduled cleaning, along with adjustable suction power settings for different surfaces. Advanced functionalities like virtual boundaries and voice control integration add convenience, allowing users to manage cleaning tasks effortlessly.
Boosts an intelligent feature that automatically docks itself when it detects low battery levels allowing its embedded batteries to recharge and ensures consistent cleaning performance. Once fully charged it resumes cleaning from the exact position where it left, implementing a secondary "finishing" phase to achieve outstanding results.
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Self-emptying Station

With Powerful 20000Pa Dust-collection.

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Introducing T20s, the latest model from ILIFE is a cutting-edge robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with advanced LiDAR technology. This sleek and modern device offers precise navigation. With a powerful suction capability of 5000Pa, one of the standout features of the T20s is its powerful self-emptying station, which eliminates the need for manual emptying of the dustbin for up to 70 days.

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T10s redefines home cleaning with its innovative 2-in-1 vacuum and mop functionality, smart LiDAR navigation system, and multi-floor mapping capabilities. This advanced robotic cleaner automates dust disposal with its convenient self-empty station, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. With the 'Y' path cleaning system, it guarantees thoroughness in cleaning every nook and cranny of your home.

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The A20, a sleek and powerful robotic cleaner designed for modern homes. With advanced features such as simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, it offers comprehensive cleaning capabilities. Its intuitive app provides real-time control and customization options, ensuring convenience and flexibility. The A20 is a sophisticated solution for effortless cleaning in any home.

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The V3x Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner integrates advanced technology for highly effective cleaning. With gyroscope navigation and versatile cleaning modes, it ensures thorough cleaning in every corner of your home. Featuring a 2-in-1 roller brush and adjustable suction, it delivers powerful performance on various surfaces. Equipped with flat mopping capabilities and a spacious dustbin.

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Introducing your ultimate solution for effortless cleaning the V3s Max. With powerful suction power, a 600ml dustbin, and a 1L dust bag, it ensures thorough cleaning sessions. Experience cleaner environment with its three-stage filtration system. Seamlessly connect via the ILIFEHOME app or Alexa for convenient control. With its slim 76mm body, it effortlessly navigates narrow spaces, offering four cleaning modes for added versatility.

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The A80 Pro serves as an intelligent cleaning solution, effortlessly controlled through a user-friendly app. Its sophisticated gyroscope guarantees comprehensive coverage, while intelligent area division maximizes efficiency. With the ability to increase suction power on carpets, it achieves a deeper level of cleanliness. Elevate your cleaning routine with this intelligent partner by your side

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Presenting the A9s, a budget-friendly robot vacuum offering voice & app control, specifically designed for low-pile carpets and hardwood floors. Its sleek design effortlessly navigates under furniture, ensuring thorough cleaning. With panoramic navigation, it covers every corner, while robust suction keep floors spotless. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

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ILIFE G80 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner—a powerful, versatile, and convenient cleaning solution. It simplifies your cleaning routine, effortlessly tackling dirt and debris throughout your home. Boasting a powerful Nidec brushless motor with 22K Pa suction power, its multi-surface performance and adjustable brush head make it versatile for cleaning large areas, narrow corners, furniture and car interiors. 

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Boasts a remarkable track record of satisfaction, serving over 43 lakh (4.3 million) delighted customers across more than 40+ countries. This widespread acclaim underscores ILIFE's global reach and its commitment to delivering innovative and reliable products that streamline household chores and enhance convenience for users worldwide.


650 km²

Area Cleaned Daily

Cleaning more than 650 square kilometers across the world daily, driven by the satisfaction of our customers, is an extraordinary achievement for our ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner. This incredible accomplishment highlights not just how widely our technology is being used, but also how efficient and successful it is on a worldwide basis.

Compact and modular design Interactive Face Display

ILIFE X1000 Large Space AI Robot Vacuum

Revamped and more remarkable than ever



Most helpful product with a great customer service

Model: T10s

After lot's of research about a good robot vacuum mop, i finalize this product and it's delivered, had 3-4 cleaning till now, and it's a great product and the main thing is company providing great customer support which other brand not providing, after delivered immediately got a call from Ilife for the Demonstration. Got 3-4 times follow up also for the demo, maintenance required and features. Overall great experience, product and app has lots of features and doing cleaning very good, also self emptying feature is next level, no other brand providing this feature at this budget price with good build quality. Must go for it if you are planning to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Milan Patel

Happy with its vacuuming and mopping both

Model: V3x

Since I bought this robot it has saved my time and energy as it does both vacuum and mopping same time it is helping me a lot, I am very happy with its performance till now, and hope ILIFE brings more good products like this. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient cleaning partner.

Pankaj tiwari

A Game-Changer for Cleanliness!

Model: T10s
The ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a cleaning marvel! Its sleek design, effortless setup, and smart navigation make it a standout choice. It cleans thoroughly and efficiently, even in tight spaces, thanks to its advanced sensors.
The long-lasting battery and self empty dustbin are big pluses.
No worries, if maid is not coming, as its a great help.


Very good Product. Should buy

Model: A20

My review is after 3months use. The product is value for money. The performance of the cleaning and battery backup is very nice. The company staff were so kind and they check each and every time about the product. The customer care responds immediately once we ask for the help. The apps works very good and easy to operate. Both wet and dry works very good.

Sushil Kumar

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