Terms & Conditions for Extended Warranty

Service Contract Benefits:

Any breakdown to the extent provided by the original warranty for ILIFE Products sold through official channels supported by an invoice. The Extended Warranty cover commences on the expiration of the original warranty/guarantee period and is for a period mentioned in the “Service Contract Details” section of the Service Contract Certificate.

Terms of Service

Under this extended warranty,

Serial No. of the product should be the same to avail warranty benefits.

if a covered product suffers any breakdown, the covered product will either be repaired or replaced with a new or refurbished spare.

Our service partners will visit your location or through logistics partners will have the product shipped to a service center and get it repaired and the product will be shipped back to you.

Company will bear, the cost of pickup/drop shipping except in the cases where in service agreement is mentioned section “What is Not Covered”. Otherwise, users have to bear the logistics charges.

This service agreement is limited only to the manufacturing defects, not the user’s defects or mishandling.

The company covers:
1) Cost of Spares
2) Service charges
3) Logistics charges (except in the cases where in service agreement is mentioned section “What is Not Covered".

Defective parts that have been replaced in the covered appliance are the property of the company.

It is the user’s responsibility to pack the machine in the proper box before sending it for repair. The company will not be responsible for any breakage or scratches that happen in transit.

There is no limit on the number of service requests you can raise against the extended warranty. We will keep repairing the device till the total costs of all repairs do not exceed the value of the device.

However, if for any 1 service request, the cost of repairs is greater than the current/last available market value of the device, the device will be replaced. Replacement is provided in the form of new or refurbished devices or gift cards.


What is Not Covered

This extended warranty does not cover the following specific conditions:

  • * Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • * Any kind of malfunction due to physical or accidental.
  • Product ran on any liquid/water logging.
  • Issues arising out of wear and tear, and unauthorized repairs of the covered product.
  • Routine maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments or alignments, overhaul, modification and de-scaling
  • Damage resulting from a power outage, power surges or dips, fluctuating voltage, inadequate or improper voltage or current.
  • Issues or costs arising due to carried out on the covered product, improper usage, insect infestation or any kind of mishandling, not using of original adaptor or accessories.
  • Accessories like side brushes, mop cloths, HEPA filters, adaptors, dock station, any disinfection used in the water tank, remote, battery etc.
  • This contract is only valid in India for those products which are purchased through ILIFE INDIA.

Conditions of Cover

This service contract may only be purchased within 30 days of delivery of a covered product and is only valid if:

  • 1) The product is manufactured in India or sold through official channels supported by an invoice.
  • 2) The Product is purchased new from the manufacturer’s authorized dealer/distributor and is supported by an original warranty/guarantee of not less than 12 months.
  • 3) The product is for domestic and personal use only. The cover is not valid on Products intended for commercial, rental.
  • 4) The product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines for Product usage including but not limited to regular maintenance & upkeep of the Product.
  • 5) Original warranty/guarantee remains valid throughout its validity period.