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Product Dimension(cm): 112cm*24cm*14cm
Cleaning Type: Dry
Dust Bin Capacity: 200ml
Noise Level: ≤78db
Main Body Weight: 0.85kg
Colour: Grey
Product Content: 1x H11 Vacuum Cleaner, 1x Adapter, 1x 2-in-1 Brush, 1x Crevice Suction nozzle, 1x Wall Mounting Bracket, 1x User Manual.
EAN: 6971263072599

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ILIFE H11 is a newly upgraded smart handheld vacuum cleaner. It is more flexible, lighter and stronger 360 °clean robot, so that the floor is clean and dust -free, saving you more working time. Lightweight design of the machine body brings a more convenient operation experience.

Double roller design

Compared with the traditional single roller vacuum cleaner, the bottom of the H11 uses a double roller design. There are two relatively rotating drums at the bottom of the fuselage. Whether it is promoting back and forth or translation, the machine can easily cope with the complex working environment. The garbage on the ground can return to the dust box, allowing you to move forward easily and effectively handle dust on the ground.

Double universal wheel Design

At the bottom of the ground, the H11 is equipped with two flexible rotation universal wheels, so that the machine can be manipulated seamlessly in all directions, whether it is left and right or promoted. Follow your work needs to rotate, say goodbye to hidden dirt, bring you a more flexible operating experience.

Lightweight design

In order to facilitate your operation, the overall host of the H11 adopts a lightweight design, with a weight of only 0.85kg, lighter weight, so that you are not working hard.

The flexible rotation design of the fuselage has the following three characteristics:

1) The ground brush head can rotate at 90° horizontally. The flexible design of the fuselage, just twist the wrist gently to move the pair head 90° level, even a small corner of the space. Clean and easy to complete.

2) It's capable of lying on the ground with a maximum 180° angle H11 can move the front and back of the fuselage into 180° according to the working environment, flexibly control the rotation and cleaning, deal with the complex home environment, and bypass the obstacles. Compared with the traditional vacuum cleaner that can only work vertically, H11's operation flexibility is more convenient. It also provides you with more flexible operations to clean and hide corners.

3) Equipped with two universal wheels that can rotate 360° The universal wheel that can rotate 360°, it can switch to brush the head flexibly according to the different working environment, and it can effectively bypass various obstacles during the cleaning process, which will help you easily and efficient field cleaning chair/bottom of the home/corner gap, the hair garbage is clean and clean, its flexibility is far more than a single wheel vacuum cleaner.

Multiple clean head design

In addition to the general brush head, H11 also comes standard with 2-in-1 hair suction+floor brush. They can combine the work environment and the ground brush or vacuum rods, and can obtain a variety of cleaning modes, which can deeply clean up the complex working environment such as carpets, flooring, cars, sofas, and mattresses. 



Incredibly strong suction

The super absorbing design, using a 2 blocking force design, can choose different suction grades and more efficient vacuums according to the needs of the work. No matter what the working environment, it can be easily and efficiently completed, so that the cleaning of the home is cleaner and more clean and tidy.

Washable filter 

The H11 uses a washable and replaceable filter. After cleaning and maintenance, the vacuum cleaner can be recycled again, allowing the machine to maintain strong suction for a long time.

Removable batteries 

H11 uses removable batteries, which is more convenient to charge the machine and can better increase the battery life of the machine.

One key to pour garbage

After the cleaning task is completed, just press the button in front of the dust box to avoid direct contact with the garbage, and you can dump the garbage.



More flexible, lighter & powerful 360 degree cleaning cleaning feautres of H11 A Deep 360° Cleaning More Than You Could Tell Effortless to Maneuver Flexibility for multipurpose cleaning 90, 180 and 360 degree cleaning capabilities Lightweight and cordless More Powerful, Efficient and Reliable incredible suction power Optimized filtration system Versatility At Your Fingertips better reach with Crevice suction nozzle and 2-1 brush Detachable Battery for Multi-Charging Large battery Easy to Wash and Maintain One-Button Emptying Detachable and Washable Convenient Storage Product Specifications

More flexible, lighter & powerful 360 degree cleaning cleaning feautres of H11 Effortless to maneuver  Flexibility for multipurpose cleaning  90 degree cleaning  180 degree cleaning  360 degree cleaning Lightweight and cordless more powerful, efficient and reliable incredible suction power Optimized filtration system comes with several versatile accessories detachable battery with multi charging easy to wash and maintain - one button emptying detachable, washable and has convenient storage product specification