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Vacuum Cleaners for Dust

The ILIFE V4 robot keeps your home free of pet hair. You can now relax while your kid can happily and freely move around the house. It takes away the fear of him gulping down the pet hair. Its pet hair care technology handles hair without any hassle. Well, this is a smart Robot that can clean your hair fall mess from the floor easily without the nozzle getting stuck or blocked. The V4 is a high power vacuum cleaner which also makes it a successful vacuum cleaner for dust cleanup. This smart device automatically reaches the Charging Dock at the click of a button when discharged. 

It comes with a slim body that is an effective vacuum cleaner for dust as it can easily reach under the furniture to clean the hidden dust and debris. 

This high power vacuum cleaner consists of:

  • 10 sets of Cliff Sensors to prevent falling
  • Side Brushes for effective cleaning
  • Wheels for easy travel across the spaces
  • Clean/ Pause Button on the machine
  • 3-inch sleek and slim design
  • 2600 mAh battery with up to 10 minutes of cleaning time

A smart vacuum cleaner for dust, the V4 is capable of tackling your everyday home cleaning and smart management of resources without your constant instructions. This means you can spend your time on much better things while enjoying a dirt-free house.

V4 Cleaning Modes:

This vacuum cleaner for dust comes with 4 Cleaning Modes:

  1. Auto mode- for all types of interior settings
  2. Edge mode- to clean corners and unreached places
  3. Spot mode- to clean at particular areas
  4. MAX mode- For high suctioned and deep cleanup of highly contaminated spaces

Product Description

Product Specifications

• Specifications (mm): 310*310*76
• Body Material: Plastic ABS
• Navigation: Random
• Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
• Run time: 100 minutes
• Noise Level: Less than 65 dB
• Charging Time: 300 minutes