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Product Dimension(cm): 29.9cm*29.9cm*8.1cm
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Compatible With: Alexa, Google Home, iOS & Android App (ILIFE Home)
Cleaning Type: Dry & Wet
Dust Bin Capacity: 300ml
Noise Level: ≤65dB
Cleaning Mode: Auto, Edge, Spot, Schedule
Colour: Bronze Brown
Product Content:1x V5x Robotic Vacuum, 1x Charging Dock, 1x AC Adaptor, 1x Mop Pad holder, 2x Re-usable Mopping Cloth, 2x HEPA Filter, 1x Water Tank, 1x Dust Tank, 2x Side Brush Pair, 1x Cleaning Brush, 1x Remote Control, 1x User Manual
EAN: 6971263071257

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The special water tank of the V5x is equipped with a chip that automatically switches the robot to moping mode as soon as the water tank is inserted. The i-Dropping technology regulates the inflow of wiping water and automatically stops the water supply when it stops to protect sensitive hard floors.

The robot can be easily controlled via the app and also keep track of when accessories such as the fine particle filter should be replaced.


You can easily fit the smart vacuum cleaner by choosing the most suitable cleaning mode. This brushless motor vacuum cleaner also comprises a system that automatically reaches its charging dock when running out of battery. The ILIFE V5x comes with an option of Cleaning Larger Areas and uses the below features:

  • V5x support Alexa and Google Home
  • 2600mAh battery
  • 250ml water tank
  • 100 minutes of cleaning time with 200-350 minutes charging time
  • Mop up to 1500 sq.ft using its brushless motor vacuum cleaner
  • Infrared technology
  • 300ml dustbin


Along with the Large Water Tank, it also comes with a quality mop cloth that is capable of bearing all the rough and tough surfaces and giving optimum results without hassles. This mop has two nozzles that release water to dampen the floor. This mop cloth also lowers water usage due to its large size (350-centimetre square). It's 250ml water tank helps to clean up to 1500 sq.ft area.

i- Dropping technology sprinkles water only when the robot is on its route for less water usage. V5x smart AI(Artificial Intelligence) brain automatically stops sprinkling water when the robot is rubbing the floor or picking up dust.

The V5x comes with a remote control which can be used for easy operation of the device It's anti-collision and strong alloys surface provide any types of breakage from falling. The Scheduling technology helps setting up cleaning modes in advance that can be saved for a week. This brushless motor vacuum cleaner and self-charging robot vacuum device will make sure you spend some good quality time with your family while it cleans efficiently with no need for chiding every minute, unlike the bai.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Ankit Mishra
A good vacuum for everyday cleaning

We were planning to not to have a pet as it was very difficult to clean the pet hairs everyday and with a busy schedules we were not able to clean it any way, so decided to try this vacuum cleaner and it has really showed a very good response, cleans the floor and removes the pet hairs very nicley. Truely satisfied with this cleaner now planning to upgrade this as Ilife has more better vacuum cleaners. Nice thank you

Bala Krishna
Works well and easy to use

It really works well and is very easy to use as we can use the app to control the robot , has many more features, basic model but it is very good in this budget.

Ropa Rani

I was planning to buy a handheld vacuum but after seeing this product I decided to buy a robotic vacuum and it has shown me that I have taken a right decision

Vishal Jain
a great vacuum

Ilife has very good vacuum cleaner compare to other brands, I also have their v3x model which is also very good and gifted this model to my grandma she was also very happy with this model.

Jagdish Shetty

better than v5s pro