Why Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are Important During A Pandemic ?

Why Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are Important During A Pandemic ?

2020 has been the most unexpected year in history! A history that the modern world is creating. With the Covid-19 global crisis causing a menace to not just the healthcare sector but also the economy & future of the nations. With the rise of the pandemic and worry regarding an individual’s family’s safety, the world is bound to stay indoors as much as possible. With that being said, domestic help can not work in multiple households anymore. As in India, we have the culture of having domestic help and  because of the pandemic, it is unlikely to have someone help around the house everyday from outdoors, that too, for a long time! Hence, the benefits of robot vacuum cleaners come into light. 

Of course, without domestic help, with everyone staying at home, everyone is expected to contribute to the household chores equally, but when you’re all working from home or studying from home, it can take up a lot of your time & energy! Which is why, robot vacuum cleaners are the saviour. 

Why Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Whenever we look back to our lives before the pandemic hit the human race, we see our lives busy yet free, with help on every step of the way. When the house chores weren’t a huge responsibility and could be postponed if needed. However, with health & hygiene being a shield from the virus and domestic help is in need to be avoided due to social distancing & other precautionary measures for the family’s safety, it is essential to adapt newer methods for cleaning the house on a regular basis.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners are the domestic help of the modern world. With a health crisis as big as the pandemic itself, robot vacuum cleaners are the best option for your home’s health & hygiene. When you’re working from home, & you also want to keep the area clean, you can either focus on the job at your desk or the one on the floor! 

It’s best to concentrate on the one that runs your household and let your ‘Hi-tech domestic help’ take care of the rest. 

It is understandable that not everyone has the time & energy to clean the house everyday, but when there’s a global health crisis going on outside, it is mandatory to keep the indoors as safe & hygienic as possible. 

Our environment also affects our immunity. How?

When the space we live in is clean and fresh, it has a direct impact on our mental & physical well-being. It makes us feel clean and fresh too. Our stress levels are reduced, resulting in lesser health risk factors which can often be caused due to higher stress levels. This clearly boosts or maintains our immunity. Hence, Robot Vacuum Cleaners will help us stay healthy too.

You can just switch-on the ILIFE India Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and work from home, do yoga, spend your time doing whatever makes you happy. And as they say, a happy heart is a healthy heart & that is what we need the most during the pandemic. 

Benefits Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Apart from why robot vacuum cleaners are essential, especially during a pandemic, there are added benefits to them, which makes them the perfect indoor help.

Time Saver: 

Robot vacuum cleaners will save all your time from preparing to clean, to cleaning the mops post-cleaning! We don’t realise how much time we give in when we do the house chores. From cooking, doing the dishes to doing the laundry, when will we get time for work, have rest, spend time with ourselves and family? ILIFE India’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner makes sure you get all the time you need, without worrying to clean.

Easy To Operate:

The robot vacuum cleaners are easy to use as it’s technology helps you preset the timer and you can run it through your smartphones as well. The robot vacuum cleaner runs itself, all you need to do is place it at the starting point and you’re good to go.


Extremely Efficient:

The robot vacuum cleaners are very efficient as with modern designs and technological advancements, they have the sensors that get adapted to the area of cleaning and they disperse the dirt by themselves and come back on their own to the charging station after cleaning.  They can also figure out the difference between floors. Whether it’s a wooden floor or a carpeted floor, it will clean accordingly.

Work On Varied Surfaces:

They can sense the floor difference, whether there's carpet or not, whether its a wooden or concrete floor and hence, will function accordingly. They can detect and clean the deep dirt on a carpet and dust on the floor, resulting in thorough cleaning.


Control Boundaries:

With robot vacuum cleaners, you won’t have to worry about going out, sleeping, or leaving your pets in the house while the cleaner is running. You can set it to a limited area, space or room and it will clean only that much. It makes it easier if you have pets and don’t want the robot to scare them.


It Is A Handy Cleaner

Compared to other traditional vacuum cleaners, ILIFE India robotic cleaners are considered to be handy as a small 33CM designated space can be alloted for them. They can dock on their own, once the cleaning is finished. This is considered as very convenient compared to the other cleaners, which require a lot of effort to connect, run and then pack back.

Faster Cleaning:

One of the main advantages of robot vacuum cleaners is that they clean the area in no time because of the technology they’re built with. They save your time and their own battery as well.

Cost - Efficient:

These robot vacuum cleaners are cost efficient and economical. It only takes up some power to charge itself and then you’re free from paying monthly salaries! You don’t have to pay anyone anything once you buy this help for yourself. No monthly charges & no issues with leaves, unlike with the house help. It will be there for you, everyday.

Estimated cost: Power bill is set to be Rs20/- Per Month

Mopping cloth: Rs 150 (3 Months)

HEPA Filter: Rs 150 ( 3 Months)

Helpful For Elderly & Specially-Abled People:

All ILIFE India Vacuum Cleaners come with ‘Remote Control’ for ease of operations. Few models like A9s are also equipped with App Control along with remote control, which enables your dear one to operate it on your behalf. It’s a great help if they’re living alone. 

Detects Every Kind Of Dirt:

Robot Vacuum Cleaners can detect any kind of dirt (upto 0.1 micron) while cleaning and will function based on the level of dirt it has to clean. 

 To Sum Up

ILIFE India’s robot vacuum cleaners provide a complete cleaning process. It will dry clean the carpets & floor, and do the wet mopping on the floors, without any external help. It will not make you feel unsafe or unhygienic , during such a global health crisis. It will stay at home with you & will help you make things easier. As you go through your work-life balance, the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners will suffice. 

Therefore, with such benefits of robot vacuum cleaners, it is no doubt why robot vacuum cleaners are the best choice, especially during a pandemic!

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