Robot Vacuum Cleaner: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use One

One of the most essential chores in an Indian household is maintaining a clean, dirt-free home. It is no hidden truth that Indian mothers are highly dependent on their maids and also habituated to their Bai’s tantrums. They can neither do without them nor co-exist with them in harmony.

Hence, a robotic vacuum cleaner is a perfect Little Helper for every household. It is the most obedient Bai, who will take your tantrums and follow your orders. We bet you, you can never get a better maid for cleaning than our robotic friend. Below mentioned are the top 10 reasons why you should use a robot vacuum cleaner:

It eliminates manual work

There is already a lot of stress in today’s life. This leaves a person with little energy for
performing any physical chores. Some people also have physical ailments due to which cleaning chores become an inconvenient task.

It eliminates mobility issues. One does not have to move around with a hand vacuum cleaner or go around sweeping the house by themselves. You do not have to take any physical exhaustion now.

It also automatically cleans your house on one button click by itself.

It saves your time

Today, due to a chaotic lifestyle everyone is left with very little time for themselves. This is no lie that household chores take a lot of time and energy. And with an increase in the number of working women, household chores seem to have taken a toll on them.

A robot vacuum cleaner saves your time on sweeping and mopping. It leaves you with enough leisure time for you to relax and unwind. You can now use your time to socialize, create memories with your family, play with your child or just enjoy your ‘Me’ time.

Our robotic helper could be your new best friend that gives you enough time for yourself.

It is flexible and convenient for any surface


When a bai cleans your house, she does not clean below the furniture or on the carpet deeply. Either she can not reach a few areas or she is not very specific about deep cleaning until she has been told about it.

It deeply cleans your house from each corner and below the furniture, if the bottom size of furniture permits the robot to move around. It also cleans the dirt off the carpet. A robot vacuum cleaner moves around hard surfaces or soft surfaces freely.

It also can easily adjust itself on different surfaces.

It is a space-saving gadget


A traditional vacuum cleaner takes a lot of space in your home. It also has a lot of wires that need to be taken care of. You need to specifically place a manual vacuum cleaner in one corner of the house to prevent it from any damage.

One of the best features of our robotic vacuum cleaner is its slim body. It does not require a lot of space and can easily fit in under the bed or furniture if the space permits. Now, you do not need to worry about making space for this gadget.

It also is an interesting space-saving gadget.

It comes with a self-charging system

What can be better than an intelligent vacuum cleaner, who does not need to be handheld? ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner comes with a self-charging docking system.
It automatically docks to a charger when it is running low on battery.

Post recharging its battery, it resumes cleaning from the last stop where it stopped cleaning at. Yes, This gadget is like your independent baby, who does not require your constant assistance.

Guaranteeing continuous cleaning without any halts, we bring you the premium experience.

It can be operated with a remote control


There was a period where all of us dreamt of gadgets that could follow your orders on a click of remote control. Those days have now arrived.

A robot vacuum cleaner can easily be controlled by your remote control or mobile phone app. All you need to do is click the function button, you want it to perform and it will obediently perform its duties. You can also schedule the cleaning for specific time and day, as per your convenience.

It keeps your home clean, even in your absence.

It has in-built intelligent operations

A robotic vacuum cleaner function on AI technology. Its smart sensors prevent it from bumping into any furniture or cliff detection sensors prevents it from falling off the stairs.

Its pano view map designing system allows it to scan the entire house and create maps, and a smart navigation system enables it to clean methodically. The I-dropping technology dispenses water when the robot moves, thus avoiding any kind of water wastage.

It exhibits intelligence and prevents itself from any damage.

It ensures a dust-free home

Your carpets easily attract dirt and can become storage for dirt, dust mites, debris, pet hair, pollen grains, dead skin cells, etc. This can result in breathing problems or allergic reactions for some people.

The bristle brush of a robot vacuum cleaner helps to clean any kind of minute dust particles or bigger particles like bread crumbs off the carpet with ease. The LED headlights also assist in finding dust in darkness.

It ensures a dust-free home.

It is flexible with cleaning settings

The major difference in traditional and robotic cleaning is the efficiency and flexibility to easily detect dirt and reach in any area. It is not easy to manual deeply clean the corners of the house or a specific spot for a longer duration.

Our robotic vacuum comes with different cleaning modes: Edge cleaning for cleaning the edges of the house, Spot cleaning for cleaning a designated area, Path cleaning for cleaning a specific path and Auto cleaning for cleaning all areas of the house. It’ll leave your floor sparkling and clean.R in ‘robot’ capital.

It is easy to access and maintain

Your maid will require time-to-time maintenance and occasional gifts. Not only this, maids are of high-maintenance and you have to bear their daily tantrums too.

A robot vacuum cleaner is obedient and obeys all your orders. It is also way easy to maintain. It is made with high-quality materials and premium technology. It is an extremely durable gadget that can be easily operated by senior citizens and non-tech- savvy individuals also.

It is the most accessible cleaning gadget.

These are a few reasons why you must get home a robotic vacuum cleaner. Along with impressive features and smart technology, it also provides you with a comforting lifestyle and lots of leisure time for yourself.