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All you need to know about Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Robot Vacuum Guide

All you need to know about Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Robot Vacuum Guide

With a pandemic hitting the world, hygiene has become a significant concern in the lives of people.

But maintaining elevated hygiene standards can be stressful. Deep cleaning on a regular basis can be tricky to pull off, but with the robotic vacuum, it’s barely an inconvenience. Here is the robot vacuum guide, with every detail you might need to know.

What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

With the leaps in technology, it was only a matter of time before robotic vacuum became a household need. It is an automatic cleaning apparatus that functions without any human interference. Can be either operated by an exclusive app or remote control.

Features of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

An extremely versatile home deep cleaning apparatus with the sophistication of sentient beings. It offers a host of unique features.

• Automatic Cleaning

It doesn’t require user intervention to operate. All it needs is a start command from the user and it starts the cleaning process.

It automatically cleans the area according to the cleaning mode selected by an exclusive app or by a remote.

• Self Charging

This smart device automatically returns to dock at a charging station when the battery level is sub optimal. After it’s charged, it resumes cleaning from the last saved point.

• HEPA Filtration

The Robotic vacuum cleaner also has HEPA filtration that removes 99.97% dust particles of 0.1-micron particle size from the air that passes through it. It is very beneficial to people with asthma and other breathing disorders.

• Scheduled Cleaning

Provides you with a scheduling feature that allows you to set the cleaning up in advance. You can schedule the Robotic vacuum cleaner to work on a specific day or on a specific time of the day, when you are not at home. It can run the whole program without your physical presence.

• Intelligent Navigation Systems

It has an inbuilt navigation system named VSLAM ( visual simultaneous location and mapping.) The optical system can identify landmarks on the ceiling, as well as judge the distance between walls. It also builds virtual protective Electro Walls against any obstacles to prevent the Robotic vacuum cleaner from getting damaged.

• Noise Reduction

The Robotic vacuum cleaner incorporates a brushless motor system which accomplishes maximum cleaning without noise or the hassle of having to clean the apparatus itself.

• Wet Mopping Mode

The Robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a wet mopping mode that results in better cleaning. It can replace sweeping. Coupled together with cleaning, it could leave your floors virtually dust free.

It incorporates a number of things that make it so much more functional and therefore the perfect home deep cleaning solution for everyone.

The A9s

The A9s Robotic vacuum cleaner brings you the best of what Robotic vacuum cleaners have to offer. Its sensors imitate how humans mop and get rid of fluids with ease. A9s is an automated vacuuming prodigy, with the ability to clean every corner and crevice till it’s squeaky clean.. The value, when compared to any other competitive product, is undeniable. Add the ILIFE app into the equation, which lets you control the A9s from anywhere, anytime, your home has just got equipped with a cleaning solution that is state of the art in every sense of the word.

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