Why Indian households demand Wet Mopping?

India is a country full of color - its culture and traditions are one of a kind and they cannot be met by any other country. Its dynamic climate changes from place to place as it approaches the equator, attracting dust inside into households, more than usual. 

And the pollution contributes to this, making wet mopping an essential necessity. 

Your usual dipping the mop in the water and cleaning the floor process might not suffice the amount of dirt that gets accumulated and that is where the magic of automatic cleaning comes handy. 

importance of wet mopping

Robotic vacuum cleaner models that facilitate wet mopping are extremely useful in effectively cleaning surfaces that are full of small particles of dust, dirt and debris. 

Its smart technology has so many added advantages. 

1. It will take care of everything and more! 

Such vacuum cleaners are equipped with technology that can detect any kind of dirt to clean and adapt accordingly. 

Models that are designed for wet mopping are usually automaton floor scrubbers with smart technology that will get everything done for you. 

While being able to remove tough stains, wet mopping robots also won’t damage anything around them because they’re intelligent enough to detect boundaries. 

And you will not have to move a muscle, because these robots have a mind of their own! All you have to do is switch it on and do whatever you want. 

2. Your robotic buddy will clean to a sparkle 

These vacuum cleaners are so much more effective than you think they would be. 

They not only pick up the smallest of particles, but their wet mopping facility leaves your surfaces spotless. 

effective vacuum cleaner

The inbuilt water tank works by dampening the floor first with clean water to wipe off tough stains or marks and then scrubs the floor with a high frequency to clean effectively, while also protecting the floor from any damage. 

After this, the dirty water is sucked into the device that uses a powerful suction technology, wiping off the residue. The device is designed to provide a powerful cleaning routine, while also being really gentle on your floor. 

3. Adaptable robotic technology 

Such vacuum cleaners are so smart that they can detect different kinds of dirt, different kinds of flooring and even adapt accordingly, to give you the premium cleaning experience

The vacuum cleaner is a scrubber that comes with four different cleaning modes. 

  • Path mode: This mode cleans over a larger surface area on a directed path
  • Area mode: This mode cleans a particular area along a systematic path
  • Spot mode: This mode uses an increased suction along a spiral path and is really beneficial to clean deep stains.
  • Edge mode: This mode cleans around edges that cannot easily be reached.
Adaptable robotic technology - mopping machine

4. Will clean in a jiffy. 

The vacuum cleaner models are known for leaving your surfaces spotless in no time and this is one of their biggest advantages. These vacuum cleaners don’t take a lot of time and can clean even when you’re not around. 

The wet mopping robot comes with different inlets and outlets that can segregate clean and dirty water and collect them in different compartments to ensure optimum cleaning.

This allows the vacuum cleaner device to clean 90% more effectively than regular ones

5. Don’t worry about maintenance    

Your robotic companion not only cleans the floor to leave it sparkling, but also doesn’t require a lot of effort to take care of. The vacuum cleaners come with a lot of features that makes them require zero to very little maintenance. 


  • Self charging - This smart machine does the exhaustive job of cleaning the entire surface to leave it spick and span, promoting a healthier lifestyle and once it is low on charge, it charges itself!
  • That’s right! These vacuum cleaners come with a self charging facility which means you’ll never have to worry about charging it. 

  • Doesn’t require any help - The device does not require any physical assistance, because it can be controlled via an app.
  • 6. Will fit into any little space

    These vacuum cleaners are designed to look stylish and give you the luxurious feeling. They’re usually very compact and do not require a designated space to be stored. They can be fit into the tiniest of spaces and require very little storage space. 

    They can also be carried around everywhere you go giving you the mobile cleaning experience. 

    7. Big dust compartments 

    These devices come with an in-built dust bag that is huge and can collect a lot of dirt and debris, which means you’ll only have to replace these dust collectors once in a while. 

    Most models can hold up to a load of your household dirt. Some models have a water tank that can hold up to 0.85L of water.

    Cordless model - robotic vacuum cleaner

    8.Cordless model

    Most robot models are cordless which means you’ll never find yourself tripping over the wires while cleaning the house, because you will not be cleaning the house! The vacuum cleaner will take care of your entire cleaning routine and there will be no wires coming in the way of its surroundings. 

    9. Long shelf life

    Since these vacuum cleaners require very less maintenance, they will run for a long time. They have a long life span and will not require any repair as their smart technology makes up for all of it. This means you’ll be making an investment on something that is long term. 

    Models with an anti-collision and Anti-fall body surface make them stronger and durable. They also have a 2600MAH battery that will run a long time. 

    10. Your smart cleaning buddy

    Equipped with one of the smartest technologies, these vacuum cleaners are very convenient to use. Their intelligent features include:

      • Detection: These vacuum cleaners can detect boundaries and will not fall off edges. They are extremely pet friendly and will not damage any furniture around them. 
      • Control: They can be controlled through an app and the cleaning routine can be scheduled according to your requirements. You don’t even have to be around to provide physical assistance or any kind of speculation because their smart technology has got it all covered. You can even draw a directed path to enable the device to move along it. 
      • Surface detection: The vacuum cleaners can clean any surface - starting from wood flooring to cement walls. Their smart technology facilitates the device to detect the kind of surface it is being asked to clean and adjust the settings accordingly. 

    Wet mopping is very essential for households in a country that is full of pollution. Dust and debris accumulates in no time into houses and deep, wet mopping is the only way out. Robotic vacuum cleaners come to your rescue, in this case and will make your life easier.