12 Ways How a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can be your best Cleaning Buddy

According to research, cleaning and vacuuming is the most procrastinated activity in an Indian household. No one likes tediously holding bulky vacuum cleaners or breaking their backs to reach the corners that will never clean itself. 

But vacuuming can be so fun with the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner models. Don’t worry, you’ll not have to move a muscle because this device is a self-reliable godsend. 

These cleaners use the smartest technology as an ultimate solution to all your cleaning requirements. They could be your best cleaning companion because they come with a lot of added advantages. 

1. Easy to use:

The vacuum cleaners are extremely convenient as they’re designed to give you the paramount cleaning experience. They are easy to operate and require no physical assistance from a human. 

All you have to do is switch it on and let it do its magic of cleaning. 

Their smart technology comes with self charging and self detection features, so you’ll never have to worry about anything. 

2. Low maintenance: 

Vacuum robots not only clean to a sparkle, but are also very easy to maintain. Most models come with a self charging feature; the robot finishes the entire cleaning routine and then goes back to its corner to enable self charging. 

You’ll never have to manually charge it or fret over it running out of charge. 

Since they come with this advanced feature, they require very little to no maintenance.

low cost maintenance - auto vacuum cleaner

Mopping machines are also equipped with technology that facilitates them to move around the house as per your cleaning requirement. All you have to do is put it at the starting point and then let it move on the scheduled path. 

3. Cordless and wireless robots

The inception of robotic vacuum cleaners happened when people would find it very inconvenient tripping over wires while they were cleaning the house using a traditional vacuum cleaner. 

The biggest advantage of robotic vacuum cleaners over traditional ones is that they’re wireless and require hands free operation. 

You will never have to manually do any work as the robot’s smart technology will do it all!

4. Smart and reliable

These robotic buddies are in-built with some of the most intelligent technologies which enables them to perform the task very smartly. Some of the features included in this technology are:

 - Self Charging

The robot charges itself after it is done cleaning, which means you’ll not have to manually charge it. 

 - Detection

There are two types of detection the robot can do - one, the detection of boundaries and edges so that the device doesn’t trip over and/ or damage its surroundings and two, the detection of the surface it is cleaning so that it can adjust its setting accordingly. The device can clean any surface, starting from wood flooring to cement tiles or carpet. 

- Control

Some models can be controlled through an app - you can schedule your cleaning routine as per your requirement and the robot will start doing its job at that set time. You can also add a directed path, in which the robot will move along and clean in places that require the most cleaning. 

- Can change intensity

The machines can adjust their setting and increase or decrease their intensity of cleaning, based on how much the spot needs cleaning. There are also models specially designated for wet and dry cleaning (or both) that will efficiently clean any required surface.

5. Compact and mobile cleaning

The stylish and aristocratic design allows the robot to fit into the tiniest of places and clean the nooks and corners of your house. 

This also means that their compact design is advantageous when you don’t have a lot of room to store your vacuum cleaner, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that sometimes require a designated place for storage. 

Their compact design makes them really mobile and you can carry your cleaning companion everywhere you go.

Compact and mobile cleaning - ILIFE

7. Economical and cost efficient

Since vacuum cleaners are very easy to maintain, they have a longer shelf life than regular vacuum cleaners. They last for up to five years and you will rarely have to repair it because its exhaustive technology has the power of healing. 

They’re also very economical because you will be making an investment only once on something that will make your life so much more convenient.

8. They help maintain hygiene

Hygiene is the need of the hour because of the obvious. Keeping your environment clean has become a quintessential need after the break of the pandemic in 2020. 

Vacuum cleaners are built with a technology that can clean so effectively and eliminate all kinds of dirt, eradicating the fear of potentially harmful microbes around the house. 

Their cleaning technology can successfully remove up to 90% germs around the house, which means you’ll never have to fear getting contaminated with pollutants and other harmful viruses or bacteria. 

9. Extremely efficient

The entire motive of robotic vacuum cleaner makers was to build it with a smart technology that allows them to clean surfaces to a shine. According to research, robotic vacuum cleaners are known to clean more efficiently than any other regular vacuum cleaners that usually take hours to get a stain off a carpet.

extremely efficient mopping machine

10. Huge dust bags and collectors

To elevate your premium and luxurious cleaning experience, these robots are equipped with large dust collectors that can hold a lot more dirt and debris than usual vacuum cleaners. This means, you’ll have to replace the dust bags or collectors (according to the model) very infrequently. 

11. A handy helper for the handicapped

Robot vacuums can be extremely convenient for the elderly or individuals that are restricted to movement. Because they require no assistance and all you have to do is turn them on with the click of a button, these robots can help around the house and make their lives very convenient. 

12. Can set boundaries

The advantage to control a vacuum robot through an app has its added benefits. You can set boundaries and the robot will only carry out its cleaning routine in that particular area. For example, if you have kids playing in another room, the robot will  not enter the room or disturb them because it would be assigned an instructed path to move along.