Robot Vacuum Cleaner VS Regular Vacuum Cleaner? What Works Better & Why?

With the rising world health crisis, hygiene has become one of the major concerns for people. Today, maintaining a clean environment is one of the essential needs of humans. Vacuum Cleaner proves to be a useful aid to meet that need. Vacuum Cleaners also have much more to contribute than your standard tools of cleaning. Let's discuss in detail about robot vacuum vs regular vacuum.

But, with advancements in technology, we have also seen the regular vacuum cleaner being replaced by the robotic vacuum cleaner. This blog will present you with more details on why a Robot Vacuum Cleaner is better than a Regular Vacuum Cleaner.   

First, let’s start with the basics: 

Why do you need a vacuum cleaner? 

A vacuum cleaner not only helps you clean your house but also helps you with other odd jobs that your regular cleaning tool is incapable of. 

1. Reduce Reliability On Maids

Since ages, Indians have been majorly dependent on maids for any kind of household chores. The recent pandemic has caused a drastic impact on the lifestyle of Indians. Indians are now reducing reliability on maids for health measures to ensure immense safety. However, we have devices for almost all alternatives like washing machine, dish washer, dryer except the house cleaning alternative. 

2. Removing Pet Hair

When you have a pet at home, it becomes extremely difficult to remove the pet hair stuck on rugs, quilts and mattresses. Cleaning them in the washing machine usually leads to clogs, leakages and failure of water pumps. A smart robotic vacuum cleaner removes the pet hair scattered anywhere in your house. 

3. Exerting Insect Control

According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, regular vacuuming at home can kill 96 per cent of fleas (adults and larvae). A vacuum cleaner also helps remove all dust mites that lurk inside your homes, thus reducing the risk of dust allergy and asthmatic problems. A robotic vacuum cleaner is a great way to reach and extract dust mites that gather in the corners of the house. 

4. Cleaning Carpets

Using baking soda with your vacuum cleaner eradicates bad odour and thoroughly cleans the carpets by following these steps: 

  • Sprinkle baking soda over pillows and carpets
  • Dab it with a moist sponge or a mop and keep it for at least one hour before vacuuming it

The slightly abrasive nature of baking soda helps loosen soil, and the vacuum whisks it away. The outcome of brighter and cleaner fabrics will surely leave you amazed.

5. Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene

A vacuum cleaner removes dust that is stuck below the kitchen cupboards and in the corners of your refrigerator. It cleans all the spilt crumbs off the floor before it can lead to insect infestations. 

6. Recover Small Items

A vacuum cleaner is your personal lost and found department, whenever you drop an earring, nail, or screw behind a hard-to-move piece of furniture, grab your vacuum. Attach a piece of mesh over the end of the crevice tool with a rubber band. Aim for the missing item and the suction from the vacuum will trap it against the mesh.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner v/s Regular Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that cleans up the dirt and dust from the floor and other surfaces by sucking it up through an air pump. It is an indispensable tool when it comes to cleaning. But, it has various disadvantages: 

  • The regular vacuum cleaner can save your time and energy but it requires manual assistance
  • You need to be actively involved in the entire cleaning process. 
  • It comes with a bulky body, making it heavier to lift
  • It operates on electricity and the wires end up getting tangled
  • There are no reusable dustbin bags with the regular vacuum cleaner

Also, according to a survey, 99% of regular vacuum cleaners are only used during the first month and are kept aside thereafter. Understanding these concerns, ILIFE has introduced robotic vacuum cleaners. A robotic vacuum cleaner incorporates new features with several modifications to make home cleaning an easier and enjoyable task for you. 

What is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner? 

With the technology getting ahead with time, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has paved its way to the households. A robotic vacuum cleaner is simply an autonomous motorized vacuum cleaner that operates without any intervention from the user. It works either by remote control or an exclusive app. A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner offers the below mentioned features:

Automatic Cleaning 

A robotic vacuum cleaner automatically cleans the entire house without any intervention from the user. All it requires to start the cleaning process is a ‘start’ command. You can start the cleaning mode by pressing the switch on the robot or operate it via remote and mobile application.

Self Charging Technology

The best part about robot vacuums is that it automatically returns to its dock station, when the battery is about to die. After recharging, it goes back to the area where it last stopped its cleaning process. There is no need to worry about manual recharging. 

HEPA Filtration

Robotic vacuums are equipped with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters that capture over 99% of dangerous particles.

Advanced Scheduling

You can schedule the robotic vacuum cleaner to run on selected days, or at a specific time each day even when you are not at home. It can function without your physical presence. 

Intelligent Navigation Systems

Robot Vacuums have an inbuilt navigation algorithm called VSLAM (or visual simultaneous location and mapping). The optical system can identify landmarks on the ceiling, as well as judge the distance between walls. It also builds virtual protective Electro Walls against any obstacles to prevent the robotic vacuum cleaner from being damaged. 

The best part of a robotic vacuums is its brushless motor vacuum cleaner system that achieves maximum cleaning with reduced noise. Additionally, for more ease the robot also comes with wet mopping mode. A robotic vacuum cleaner is more superior than the regular vacuum cleaner:

  • It upgrades your lifestyle and offers you a comforting and pleasing cleaning experience
  • It is easy to use and flexible for every surface
  • It saves your time and energy
  • It provides maximum cleaning in minimum time
  • It requires less storage space than the regular vacuum cleaner
  • It eliminates the sound of a regular vacuum cleaner

Things To Focus On When Buying A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you need to remember a few things: If the robot’s functionality is appropriate for your need and what is your budget and usage requirement. 

The most important point to check is whether the cleaner cleans in Random Pattern Cleaning Mode or Path Pattern Cleaning Mode. 

  • In Random Pattern Cleaning Mode, a robotic vacuum cleaner hits the object and changes its direction. This is suitable for small houses as it can perform efficiently in small areas. 
  • Whereas in Path Pattern Mode, a robotic vacuum cleaner will divide your house into different sections for cleaning, thus cleaning the house by achieving more coverage. Once the cleaning is performed, it will automatically dock for the charger.

ILIFE provides all kinds of robot vacuums, whether you need it for wet cleaning, dry cleaning, or both.  If you require a vacuum cleaner for cleaning up the pet hair so you can try ILIFE A7 Robot vacuum cleaner from the dry series. If you want a robot for deep carpet cleaning, ILIFE A40 from dry series is an apt choice but if you want  a robot for efficient floor scrubbing then ILIFE W400 from wet series is the best. 

A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is an invocation that supports your hygienic lifestyle. It maintains a clean, hygienic and dust-free environment for you. Considering all the points, a robot vacuum cleaner is definitely a smart and advanced choice that sets with your lifestyle.