Is strong suction really important for effective cleaning?

Now a days, robot vacuum cleaners are being accepted by many families for household cleaning. Also, they are more convenient to use as they can vacuum on their own. Many consumers think that the greater the suction power, the better the cleaning effect. Means a robot with 1500 Pa suction power is more effective than a robot with 1000 Pa suction power. This is not really the case.

The perfect cleaning effect is not achieved with high suction power. In addition to large suction power, a good technology for cleaning system is more important. At present, most of the sweeping robots are equipped with double-sided roller brushes at the bottom. When cleaning, first gather dust to the suction mouth or roller brush. The suction mouth or roller brush deeply sucks and sweeps, and then sweeps the dust into the dust box. Only enough suction can suck the garbage. The size and width of the suction port, the fit to the ground, the structure of the air duct, and the sealing of the dust box are all crucial factors. The fan gives a certain suction power to the suction port to suck dust into the air duct. A good air duct ensures that the dust can enter the dust box smoothly. The dust box has sufficient air tightness, does not raise dust and does not leak. At the same time, the noise should not be too loud, otherwise will affect the experience. If there is no perfect cleaning system, no matter how strong the suction is, it cannot really be cleaned.

ILIFE's flagship product of the year, ILIFE A9s, uses a set of the most advanced mopping and sweeping integrated cleaning system in the industry. Panoview navigation technology ensures precise cleaning route with planned cleaning to avoid redoing and missed cleaning. Imported Japanese Nidec brushless motor can provide up to 1000 Pa high suction force, with turbo fan blades, air duct adopts fully sealed design, low noise and long service life Long. 

ILIFE A9s also has the industry’s first vibrating water tank cleaning technology, with a built-in vibration motor, and a mop that is vigorously close to the ground, which imitates mopping as humans do. ILIFE A9s is upgraded with three-layer high-efficiency filter system, primary filter + fine filter cotton + high-efficiency filter, which can effectively block hair, fine particles and other substances in the air to ensure cleanliness and comprehensive care of family health. In addition, the ILIFE A9s sweeping robot also has a 600ml large-capacity dust box, which is twice that of ordinary sweeping robots. It does not need to clean up the garbage frequently and can easily cope with large houses.

ILIFE A9s can be controlled through smartphone app. You can track the auto clean progress on your phone and water levels can also be controlled to different levels. You have complete freedom to schedule cleaning. Start time can be quickly and easily adjusted from smart phones, no matter where you are.


To conclude, the high suction power alone is not enough. The high suction power combined with the advanced cleaning system can achieve the perfect cleaning effect. And ILIFE A9s sweeping robot is undoubtedly the best. With perfect cleaning performance, it also has a full cost-effective advantage. It is no wonder that ILIFE A9s sweeping robot is trusted by many consumers.