ILIFE V80: Introducing the new smart robotic vacuum cleaner

ILIFE , the global robot vacuum manufacturer represented this year’s IFA. The simple booth attracted many people as it contained a novelty that could revive the highly competitive vacuum robot business. V80, the new robotic vacuum cleaner from ILIFE comes with intelligent planning of the cleaning procedures using space measurement and many other features.

Characteristics of V80:

The V80 from ILIFE would stand a real challenge to the competitor Xiaomi suction robot


• Dimensions: 32.0 x 32.0 x 8.0 cm and weight 2.7 kg 

• Charging time would be 4-5 hrs and enabled working time is 2-2.5 hrs. 

• Underside it has two brushes in two corners for effective cleaning 

• The operating volume of 65 dB produces relatively less noise 

• Provides adjustable and high suction power 

• Possess a dust chamber with larger filter and well sized water tank for mopping 

Suction power of the ILIFE V80

The V80 a typical ILIFE model, uses the docker for charging and resting. The add-on remote control is an enhanced feature. The V80 works with two brush heads, as is already known from the V5S Pro or A4. The following cleaning modes like Spot, Edge and MAX are supported by V80. A brushed aluminium top with a large LCD to display the current cleaning mode or error messages.


The adoring feature of V80 is that, it measures the premises before it starts to vacuum. ILIFE calls this “i-navigation”, the robotic vacuum cleaner V80 plans the smartest route through the four walls before it starts the vacuum process. A total of 10 groups of infrared bumper and gyroscope sensors can be found in the V80 robot, which assist its navigation and prevent it from hitting obstacles and falling down from stairs.

The most viable V80 robotic vacuum cleaner having many new features, also the scheduling function. The start time of the cleaning process can be planned ahead and the robot cleaner will start cleaning on its own at the scheduled time. ILIFE has recognized the latest trends in Robotic vacuum cleaning and the V80, stands out as a competitive model with the existing robotics vacuum cleaners in the market.Try the ILIFE V80 for a cleaner and shinier looking floor at your home or office!.