How to Fix Jammed Wheel E12 Error of Robotic Vacuum V80/V80 Pro

ProblemThe Vacuum Cleaner works fine for 5-10 minutes but after some time it gives beep and stops with an error on LCD Screen as E12.

Reason: Sometimes a small/soft piece of paper or thread get tangled around the roller wheel, which stops it from rotating freely to front or back. 


Solution: Here are the
  1. Please Switch off the machine immediately & turn it upside down.  
  2. Press the wheel and see if there is any human hair or tissue paper is stuck inside the wheel.
  3. To remove them, press wheel a bit and  rotate softly to front and back. Ttry to clean area or remove threads. 
  4. After cleaning, check both wheels if they rotate freely front and back.
  5. Run machine and it should solve the problem.
Play below video, for step by step instructions: