How to Fix Bristle/Silicon Brush Error - "Please Check the Main Brush"

Problem: A Voice message on A9s machine, saying to check the Bristle or Silicon brush.

Reason: During general cleaning, a large thread or loose wires like speakers, iron, threads lies on the floor. While cleaning any of such wire rotates on the edge of bristle or a silicon brush. This stops the bristle brush to rotate. 


  1. Please turn off the Machine and put it upside down
  2. Open the yellow cover by pressing the lock.
  3. Remove the side brush. You will see lot of hair tangle around it. 
  4. Don't try to remove hair or thread by hand as you might either hurt your hand or cut the silicon brush. Instead take a scissor and cut the unwanted hairs to remove them.
  5. We recommend to put a sewing oil, on the corners of the rotating brush, like WD40. This helps in removing the moisture on the side brushes motor. WD40 is generally available at hardware shops or on amazon. Please ask ILIFE representative to help you, in case no available.
  6. Put back the roller brush, and close the yellow cover, as shown below.
  7. Start the machine and it will work.
Play below video, for step by step instructions: