How the A10s redefines cleaning

Continuing to cater to your cleaning requirements, ILife robot vacuum cleaners India curates versatile products to meet dynamic hygiene standards. 

The A10s is one such product that will let you sit back and relax as its laser technology will adjust itself accordingly to provide you with sparkling surfaces. 

robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning is usually a tedious process and with a busy schedule, it becomes impossible to contribute time for it. 

This robot is not just a device that cleans, but a smart and user-friendly helper that will come to your rescue when you don’t have much time to clean around the house. Its unique features make it the best of its kind, saving time, money and manual efforts.

-Smart Laser Navigation Technology and Mapping: Equipped with lasers that can detect surroundings and move accordingly to avoid any damage to things, the A10s’ technology is one of the smartest.

As it moves, the A10s navigates and maps your home accurately with intelligent laser scanning, analyzes the floor condition in real-time, adapts to any floor changes, and optimizes the cleaning path.

Smart Laser Navigation Technology and Mapping

-Real time scanning: The robot is provisioned with laser sensors that enable it to scan its surroundings and understand where things are, so that it doesn’t crash into objects and damage anything. 

This also helps the robot to sense boundaries and edges, avoiding it from tipping over or tumbling down a flight of stairs. 

-Optimized path cleaning: How many times have you found yourself enjoying cooking and also creating a mess that you dread cleaning? Well, with the A10s, you’ll never have to worry about staining your carpets or dirtying your floors again. 

With an optimized path cleaning, the robot can adjust itself to clean a certain spot for longer and more effectively, according to the cleaning requirement. You can schedule a certain path for the robot to move along and it will take care of the rest!

-Smarter App Control: The feeling of being able to control how your robotic vacuum cleaner moves and how much time it needs to spend at each spot is another power that comes with the A10s. 

Smarter App Control:

You can control the robot from anywhere, even when you’re not home and schedule cleaning and tidying up tasks accordingly. 

-Custom Area: After a quick scan of the home environment, A10s will build up a map for you to choose a specific room or multiple rooms for an immediate clean. 

This custom area feature is a very unique feature for a robotic vacuum cleaner and the A10s is one such model that comes with it.

-Customized Special Attention: Mark the area that needs intense cleaning, and tell the robot to clean the customized area for longer, so that you are left with sparkling clean surfaces. 

With a few touches across the screen, the home cleaning robot will build up virtual barriers to protect your valuables and prevent it from entering specific areas. 

Zoning the “carpet area” on the app will stop the robot from entering it while mopping.

-Multi-floor Mapping: A10s uses accurate laser scanning to recognize and save different levels of a home. 

Every floor can have different cleaning routines, particular to-go zones and invisible walls.

It detects the kind of cleaning the floor needs and adjusts itself accordingly to optimize cleaning and keep your house clean. 

-Auto boost on customized areas : Another one of the most unique features of the A10s is that you can adjust it so that the localized areas with heavy stains can turn on suction boost to clean them, after circling them on the ILIFEHOME APP.

The robot’s smart sensors allow it to switch clean settings according to the kind of debris.

Auto boost on customized areas

-Can be scheduled to clean specific rooms: Scheduling the particular cleaning routine for a specific room or an area on the ILife APP will limit the room to cleaning only that particular area or room. 

-Side Brushes, the real heroes: To maximize efficiency, the robotic vacuum adjusts to the optimum brushing rate according to different floor conditions. 

-Cellular dustbin: It uses self-developed design to capture more dust including

allergens, helping you keep the air fresh and clean. Also the cellular design reduces the possibility of the filter getting blocked, therefore less suction will get lost and maintain the powerful suction.

Cellular dustbin

-Patent vibrating water tank: The motion sensors of the robot enable it to move back and forth, while vibrating up and down, giving the floor a manual mopping action to efficiently remove stains. The 3-level adjustable water flows quickly to loosen and disappear stubborn stains.

-Other features: 

Large battery capacity: Built-in large capacity battery to reduce the time for recharging. 

2-in 1 roller brush: Maintain close contact with the floor and adjust to uneven surface automatically, easier to pick up dust and debris. 

-Smart Battery top-up: A10s returns to the charging dock when power runs low, and continues the cleanup from where it left off after fully charged.