Why robot vacuums are better than regular vacuums

Imagine relaxing with a cup of coffee on a bright Saturday morning. Your robot vacuum is on the run, to get the cleaning done. It manoeuvres underneath the sofa, systematically gobbling up all the dust. In an orderly fashion, makes its way to the kitchen. There it collects all the crumbs from last night’s dinner.

After some time, it lets you know through a beep that it has completed its rounds. Triumphantly, you can chuck the cleaning chore off from your mind. You got it done without trying to break a sweat.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are already here and have transitioned that fantasy into a new reality.  They are efficient performers whose utility now is exponentially growing in households. And the customers love them.

Cleaning the floor is an annoying task. Often procrastinated, laborious and boring. Sometimes easily skipped in this fast-paced world. Getting an automatic robot vacuum is a wonderful way for many people to focus on other prioritized things while being free from obligations to personally carry the cleaning process. Your time and energy will be directed in accomplishing something meaningful, or in just relaxing to enjoy your leisure.

Then there are regular vacuum cleaners, who have had their rightful corner places in the houses for a long time. They work fine, but their time seems to be up. With automation seeping into the usage of every possible equipment, their relevance is majorly threatened by the on-going trend with smart robot vacuums.

Here are a few reasons why robotic vacuum cleaners have an edge over the regular ones, in execution as well as in their functionality.


You can save a lot of time

Robots are invented to save the time of all the already hard-working humans. The ease with which the robot accomplishes the cleaning routine is really hard to replicate with the regular vacuum cleaner. You need human assistance and a dedicated time with the regular ones. The automatic ones give you free hands to fill your time with exciting things that you always wanted to do.


High quality and efficient cleaning

Your desire to witness a clean environment in your home can be easily fulfilled with the adoption of robot cleaners. With the elimination of dust, spots, dirty marks and harmful germs, you will have a healthier environment for you and your family members to live a worry-free life. These vacuums ensure the cleaning process is carried out with utmost efficiency.

This level of efficiency is least expected from a regular vacuum cleaner, as its functionality is completely dependent on the person who is using it. Without the person’s involvement and attention to detailed cleaning, the process is left incomplete.


smart robot vacuums

Smart Cleaning

The robotic cleaner is designed to be smarter than your expectations, with smart features incorporated in all its main functionalities.

It is smart enough to accurately sense the changes in the surface underneath it. It adjusts accordingly and accomplishes the cleaning task.

It is also programmed to identify and adapt to different kinds of surfaces. It effectively handles the cleaning task, irrespective of the floor being a hardwood or a carpet.

In this aspect, the regular vacuum falls short by a huge margin. It can neither detect, nor adapt to different kinds of surfaces. It is missing a significant amount of smart features that are present in an automatic cleaner.


Protection and damage control

A regular vacuum cleaner cannot detect what goes around it. It is also prone to easily get damaged with irresponsible handling.

These concerns are made insignificant with the smart features of robotic vacuum cleaners. They have sensors and protective buffers. They protect themselves from external damage, as well as avoid damaging objects around.

They detect walls and stairs and adjust their movement accordingly. Some advanced robots even generate a real-time map. They plan the route and then proceed to do the complete cleaning.

Noise reduction

Traditional vacuums are indeed very noisy. Their noise tends to distract and disturb anyone not actively participating in the cleaning process.

Robotic cleaners are quiet devices. They complete the task with minimal noise. They regulate the noise produced and ensure the highest degree of comfort.

With them, you no longer have to worry about the noise. While your cleaning is being done, you can focus on relaxing.


Smartphone controlled

Traditional vacuum cleaners are all about manual operations.

That effort is eliminated with smart robotic vacuums. They can be controlled through an application on your phone, as a mobile remote.

You can get them to work even when you are not at home. All it takes is some clicks on your phone. You will be delighted on your return to your freshly cleaned home.


Compact and easy to carry

Robotic cleaners won’t occupy a huge space to store. Their design makes it obvious that they were innovated to be compact. They are easy to carry.

The same level of advantage is not with regular cleaners. They are bulky and are not made to carry around.


 robot vacuums

Covers all tough-to-reach places

The movements of the automatic cleaners are like the skilled ninja warrior. It can cover all those intricate corners and hard-to-reach places.

If you vacuum by yourself with the regular cleaners, you will always be left guilty for leaving some of those mentioned places.

Whether it is under the furniture or just around the corner, the agile robot cleaners will have it all covered while it’s cleaning.

robot cleaners

Self-charging robots

Robot vacuum cleaners are self-charging devices. They return to their docking station when they detect the battery levels are low for the cleaning operation. They recharge themselves and return to the point they had left, and continue the cleaning. Users can be worry-free as far as charging the robot cleaners is concerned.


 Self-charging robots

Economical and cost-efficient devices

The robotic vacuum cleaners are much cheaper than the regular ones. It can be considered as a one-time investment because there is very less maintenance involved with them. Occasionally you will have to replace the bag or empty the container, and the maintenance ends there.


Getting a robotic vacuum cleaner is a trend that is continuing to grow. Consumer behaviour shows affinity towards rapid adaptation to technological updates in all kinds of equipment. That is where they are having an upper hand over the traditional cleaners.

Did any of the benefits inspire you? If they did, check out the links in the article to find out more about the robotic cleaners.