How to Fix Wheel Jam Issue of ILIFE A9s Robotic Vacuum

ProblemA voice message comes, please check the right or left wheel.

ReasonDuring daily cleaning, sometimes a tissue paper/napkin get stuck on Right or Left wheel of machine, due to which it get jammed. If you try to rotate with hand, it will not move. Due to this either side of wheel will not move and hence error is thrown.

Solution:- Here are the steps:

  1. Please Turn off the Machine and put it upside down
  2. Press the wheels and try to rotate it through hand. Check if there is any thread, paper or anything else stuck near wheel.
  3. Try to remove foreign object like paper or thread. 
  4. Rotate wheel, as shown below.
  5. Start the machine and it will work. 
Play below video, for step by step instructions: