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Introducing the ILIFE X1000, which stands as the world's first commercial & home dual-purpose robot vacuum with advanced LiDAR technology designed to address the challenges of cleaning large commercial and residential areas.

The ILIFE X1000 packs a punch with a 20,000 Pa suction capability, This is considered high suction power, especially for a robot vacuum cleaner,  driven by a 300W high-performance brushless motor, X1000 boasts a generous 3-litre dustbin, minimizing how often you'll need to empty it. This is a big advantage, especially for larger cleaning tasks.

With advanced AI functionality, and 2 detachable batteries, with 112.1W each capable of operating independently, the X1000 can achieve a long runtime. This means you can effortlessly cover vast areas up to 1000 square meters without any interruptions.

The X1000 swiftly scans the environment, creating precise and comprehensive maps of the entire area with accuracy and efficiency with its wide 360° scanning angle. Utilizing its 3D ToF sensors and its dual stereo camera, the X1000 intelligently avoids obstacles and ensures consistent cleaning with an intuitive 5.0-inch touchscreen interface, providing users with seamless and convenient operation.

The ILIFE X1000 features a smart modular design. This means the robot can be easily disassembled and reassembled, making maintenance tasks like cleaning or replacing parts a breeze.  Unlike some robot vacuums, the X1000 prioritizes user-friendly care, keeping your floors clean without requiring much effort.

The X1000 comes with its dedicated app, offering you the ability to customize cleaning settings conveniently. Whether you're on your way home or to work, initiating a cleaning session is as easy as a single click on the app. The robot includes advanced features such as 3D mapping, multi-floor mapping, customizable cleaning areas, break-point resumes, auto-recharge, and the ability to set no-go zones. Furthermore, the X1000 is compatible with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, providing hands-free control options. 

The X1000 stands out among other robots in the ILIFE lineup. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of large spaces, including workshops, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, hotels, and large homes, offering hassle-free cleaning solutions



Smarter, more than ever

Revolutionizing Large-Scale Cleaning Process

ILIFE X1000 is a large home dual-purpose AI robot vacuum aiming to solve the pain point
of large space cleaning. Featured with a 20000Pa big suction, 3L big dust box,
and AI smart function, it can clean up to 1000㎡ efficiently without interruption.
With a unique modular design, it is easy to assemble and disassemble,
so you can maintain it effortlessly, ideal for all surfaces including
carpet, wood, laminate and tile.

Superb big Suction for, Multiple Surface

Powered with 300W high-performance brushless motor, X1000 provides up to
20000Pa big suction power. No matter for hard floor or carpet, it is easy to pick
up large debris or fine dust effortlessly.

Up to 200 mins Runtime

With 2 detachable batteries, each of which can be worked separately, X1000 can last up to 200mins,so you can clean 500-800m² at one time without interruption.

Advanced LiDAR Navigation

It scans and then creates maps of the environment precisely and quickly and cleans the whole area precisely and thoroughly.

3D ToF Sensor

It detects and then avoids obstacles efficiently with 3DToF sensors, X1000 can detect and then avoid obstacles.

Dual AI Stereo Camera

X1000 recognizes and then bypasses them it can recognize objects like shoes, cables, socks, books, towels, bottles, garbage cans, flower pots and much more and optimize its route, so you don't have to move anything before you start cleaning

Sensitive Touch Screen Operation

X1000 is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen, so you can operate X1000 easily via this screen. No matter whether you are a child or aged, it is easy to use and don’t worry other people will disturb the robot when working, you can ‘lock’ the screen.

Unique Modular design

Easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can maintain it without much effort. With a compact design, it is easy to store. Worry-free from winding cords in your large spaces.

Customized Cleaning

Unlock the power of tailored cleaning with the ILIFE X1000, offering personalized area cleaning for enhanced efficiency. The ILIFE X1000 comes with multi-floor mapping capability this device comes with the feature of 3D mapping which enables it to create and store detailed maps of a large area, This device also features scheduled cleaning designed to enhance convenience and efficiency, providing users with peace of mind knowing that their spaces will be consistently cleaned according to their predetermined schedule. No-go zones, these zones act as virtual boundaries that the vacuum will avoid during its cleaning process, ensuring that delicate items or areas with cords or obstacles are protected from potential damage.

Smart App & Voice Control

You can take full control of your ILIFE X1000 compatible with Alexa and Google Home for intelligent control, Simply use voice commands and make household chores more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension (mm): 376*372*365
Navigation: Laser and Gyro with Dual Stereo Cameras
App: Alexa control + Google Home
Suction: 20,000Pa
Dust bin capacity: 3L Multi-inlet Cyclonic Separation Dustbin

Note: For Commercial Usage