V3s Max

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V3s Max
Cleaning has never been easier until now, when ILIFE launches its latest robotic vacuum cleaner – the ILIFE V3s Max. The V3s Max is a robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with mop combo. With intelligent path mode and gyro navigation, and smart app control, the V3s Max is truly the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner for all your cleaning needs.

The V3s Max comes with a 2300Pa maximum suction and a 600 ml large dustbin capacity to give you spotless cleaning. It has a three-stage filtration in the dustbin and a 1 L dust bag. It also has Convenient Control Via ILIFEHOME App and can take Voice Commends through Alexa. 
The other design features include a 76mm Ultra-thin body for narrow areas cleaning, 4 different modes meet various cleaning needs, and anti-drop, anti-collision & auto recharge sensors for smooth working.

What’s In the Box?
Inside the box, you will find the robot, charging dock, remote control, dust tank, water tank attached with mopping cloth, 3 dust bags, 1 extra filter, 1 extra pair side brush & adapter.

Note: The robot is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi only.


Robot Vacuum and Mop

Upgraded Cleaning Performance With Smart Gyro Path Planning

Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Powerful Suction

Driven by the Nidec Brushless Motor, V3s Max provides powerful suction to pick up tiny dust, small particles, large debris, and pet hair.

Enhanced Gyroptic Smart Navigation with Path Planning

Clean your home following an efficient zig-zag route thanks to its advanced gyroscopic navigation, improving the cleaning efficiency by 30%.

2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum robot with its 600ml large dustbin and 200ml water tank, V3s Max can vacuum and mop at the same time, improves cleaning efficiency and clean your house thoroughly. This combo of robotic vacuum and mop makes the V3s Max the one stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

Intelligent Path Mode & Gyro Navigation

This feature helps the V3s Max navigate through the floor clearing all obstacles through ease and give you an effortless cleaning experience.

Smart APP Control

The V3s Max is truly a smart robotic vacuum cleaner which is compatible with Alexa.

2300Pa Max Suction

With a 2300Pa suction power, the V3s Max effectively picks up dirt, debris and robot vacuum pet hair from the floor surface and deed inside the carpet.

Customizable Schedule

You can set the cleaning schedule of the V3s Max according to your convenience and timing with this feature.

Large Capacity Dustbin

The V3s Max comes with a 600ml dustbin capacity and a 1L capacity dust bag so that you do not have to empty the dust bag every day.

Large Capacity Dustbin

The V3s Max comes with a 600ml dustbin capacity and a 1L capacity dust bag so that you do not have to empty the dust bag every day.

Long Runtime

Self emptying robot vacuum cleaner lasts long hours of work, automatically docks and recharges when the battery power gets low, robot vacuum always prepare to clean your floor.

Automatic Recharge

The V3s Max can recharge automatically by docking itself into the charging station, so you will never have to worry about recharging it again.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension(cm): 31.5cm*31.2cm*7.6cm
Navigation: Gyroscope navigation
Compatible With: Alexa, Google Home, iOS & Android App (ILIFE Home)
Cleaning Type: Dry, Dry & Wet Hybrid
Dust Bin Capacity (Robot): 600ml
Dust Bag Capacity (Docking Station): 1.0L
Noise Level: ≤ 63dB
Cleaning Mode: Path Pattern, Edge, Spot, Max
Colour: Purple
Product Content: 1x V3s Max Robotic Vacuum, 1x Charging Dock, 1x AC Adaptor, 1x Water Tank, 1x Dust Tank, 2x Side Brush Pair, 1x Re-usable Wet Mopping Cloth, 3x Dust Bag, 1x Cleaning Brush, 2x HEPA Filter, 1x Remote Control, 1x User Manual.
EAN: 6971263072247