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Searching for a budget-friendly robot vacuum with voice and app control? Consider the ILIFE A9s. It's perfect for cleaning low-pile carpet and hardwood floors. Plus, its sleek design, standing just 3 inches tall, allows it to effortlessly glide under furniture. With premium features and an affordable price, it's a top choice for keeping your home clean and tidy.

The ILIFE A9s robotic vacuum cleaner redefines home cleaning with its advanced features and efficient performance. Equipped with panoramic navigation technology, it effortlessly maps out your home for optimal cleaning routes, ensuring no spot is missed. Its low-profile design allows it to easily maneuver under furniture, while different cleaning modes cater to various cleaning needs, from edges to concentrated debris. With a powerful suction and a dust tank capacity of 450ml, it effectively removes dirt and dust from your floors. Plus, its quiet operation ensures minimal disruption, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities without disturbance. Connect it to the app for convenient control and monitoring, and enjoy voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The ILIFE A9s is not just an affordable option; it's a reliable companion for maintaining a clean and tidy home effortlessly.

Inside the package, you'll find the vacuum cleaner itself, along with a water tank and dust tank for versatile cleaning options. The charging base and power adapter ensure convenient recharging, while the HEPA filter promotes cleaner air. Additionally, it includes a mopping cloth and two side brushes for thorough cleaning. Don’t forget ElectroWall® helps to create boundaries to avoid robot entering particular areas. With the added convenience of a remote control and user manual, keeping your home tidy has never been easier. 

Note: The robot is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi only.



Panoramic Navigation Vibrating Water Tank Vacuuming & mopping robot vacuum

Gen 3 Cyclone Power Cleaning System

Gen 3 Cyclone Power cleaning system cleans your home in 3 steps: specially tailored side brushes weep debris to the cleaning path where the roller brush at the bottom of the robot removes dust, and strong suction and a large dustbin ensure maximum debris pickups

Fully App Controlled

ILIFE App gives you full access to A9s functions anytime, anywhere - whether it's setting cleaning schedules, starting a cleaning cycle, or tracking task progress with the cleaning map."

i-Voice Assistance

ILIFE A9s is equipped with cutting-edge i-Voice assistance technology. With real-time voice alerts and announcements, this intelligent vacuum keeps you informed every step of the way. Whether it's reporting completed tasks, providing work status updates, or alerting you to any errors, the ILIFE A9s ensures effortless cleaning with maximum convenience.

Versatile Cleaning Modes

Auto Mode: Follows a methodical path, ensuring a systematic and thorough cleaning routine. - Spot Mode: Concentrated cleaning for larger areas with heavy debris. - Edge Mode: Target corners and borders with precision. - Max Mode: Provides extra suction power for smaller regions with stubborn, set-in dust.

Gen 3 Cyclone Power Cleaning System

It has an advanced cleaning system that cleans your home in 3 steps: specially tailored side brushes sweep debris to the cleaning path where the roller brush at the bottom of the robot removes dust, and strong suction and a large dustbin ensure maximum debris pickups.

Auto Resume Feature

Thanks to its panoramic navigation technology, it automatically returns to the charging dock when low on battery, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning. With the A9s, there's peace of mind knowing it resumes from where it left off, eliminating concerns about incomplete cleaning cycles.

Smart Sensor Technology

The ILIFE A9s is designed for worry-free cleaning with intelligent navigation. Anti-collision ensures it avoids obstacles and stairs, and anti-drop sensors, a complete sensor set, prevent furniture damage. Enjoy a seamless cleaning experience as the A9s navigate your home with precision and care.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Stay connected with your cleaning routine through the A9s's Wi-Fi capability. Enjoy the flexibility to control and monitor your robot vacuum from your smartphone, enhancing the overall user experience.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension (cm): 33cm*32cm*7.6cm
Navigation: Camera and Gyroscope
Cleaning Type: Dry & Wet
Dust Bin Capacity: 450 ml
Noise Level: ≤ 63 dB
Cleaning Mode: Auto, Path, Spot, Edge
Colour: Black
Product Content: 1x A9s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 1x Water Tank, 1x Dust Tank, 1x Charging Base, 1x Power Adapter, 1x HEPA Filter, 1x Mopping Cloth, 2x Side Brushes, 1x Remote Control, 1x User Manual, 1x ElectroWall® 
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