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Introducing the ILIFE T20s, a cutting-edge smart cleaning robot and mop combo designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine. With advanced LiDAR navigation technology, the T20s effortlessly navigates your home, mapping out the most efficient cleaning routes and ensuring thorough cleaning without missing any spots. Its ability to store multiple maps makes it adaptable to various floor plans or multi-level homes, providing convenience and versatility for all your cleaning needs. Its self-emptying dust collection box, with a large 3.5L dust bag, ensures up to 70 days of continuous cleaning without the hassle of daily emptying. Plus, with real-time mapping displayed on the app, you can easily track the robot's progress and charging station location, keeping you informed every step of the way. 

The ILIFE T20s is an intelligent robot vacuum that is loaded with top-notch technologies to clean up your floor better than other robotic products. Offering both vacuuming and mopping capabilities simultaneously, thanks to its innovative hybrid tank system, this robot vacuum ensures thorough cleaning for a spotless home. It has a suction power of 5000Pa and a special intelligent carpet pressurization feature that can pick up dirt on various types of floors. Featuring a large battery capacity of 5200 mAh, ILIFE T20s offers an extended runtime of up to 260 minutes, ensuring prolonged cleaning sessions without interruptions. The 2-in-1 rolling brush is very effective in cleaning the entire house. One more advantage is that with mobile app control and voice assistant compatibility, you can manage the vacuum cleaning and choose the schedule as you wish for a unique cleaning experience. 

In the package, you'll find everything you need to get started with the ILIFE T20s. 1 x Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x Self-emptying Docking Station, 2 x 3.5L Disposable Dust Bag, 1 x 2-in-1 Dust and Water Tank, 2 x Side Brush, 2 x Re-usable Wet Mopping Cloth, 1 x Mop Stand, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x HEPA Filter,  1 x User Manual. The ILIFE T20s is not just a cleaning appliance—it's a stylish design and efficient features simplifies your cleaning tasks and enhances your living environment. 



Cleaner, Smarter, Easier

Entrust all the cleaning, even robot upkeep to us

Hands-Free Cleaning

Enjoy Up to 70 Days of Effortless Cleaning

Enjoy effortless cleaning with our advanced technology.
The self-empty station, equipped with dust collection
and a disposable dust bag frees up your hands for effortless cleaning.

5000Pa Suction Power

Powerful, Intensified, Dominant Suction

Experience the power of 5000Pa suction for deep cleaning.
Leave floors and dust crannies spotless with over 90% straight-line dust removal rate.
Ensure every corner is covered, taking your cleaning experience to new heights!

Advanced LiDAR Navigation

The ILIFE T20s can easily and completely clean your house thanks to its accurate LDS navigation technology. The T20s generates a cleaning path that is both highly efficient and using 360° and 4000S/s scanning, which results in twice as rapid mapping.

Up to 70 days Continuous Cleaning

The T20s robot vacuum and mop combo seamlessly integrates with a self-emptying station boasting a 3.5L dust bag capacity. Utilizing advanced cyclone dust-collection technology with up to 20,000Pa suction power, the station automatically empties the robot's dustbin in just 20 seconds after cleaning, preventing clogs.

Simultaneous Vacuum and Mop

The ILIFE T20s features an innovative design with hybrid dust and water tank, enabling simultaneous vacuuming and mopping for comprehensive cleaning, ensuring a streak-free surface. Its 2-in-1 tank system allows seamless transition between vacuuming and mopping tasks, saving time and effort. With a capacity of 0.2L for dust and 0.3L for water, it efficiently tackles various cleaning needs.

5000Pa Ultra Strong Suction

The ILIFE T20s robotic vacuum cleaner has a suction power of up to 5KPa which guarantees efficient cleaning performance. Additionally, this machine’s incredible suction power is especially good at vacuuming deeply embedded dirt and debris out of carpets leaving them sparkling. T20s also clean even the toughest spills with strong suction power. It also works well on both hard floors and carpets despite the aggression of the mess.

Convenient App Control

Take control of your cleaning preferences effortlessly with the ILIFE T20s robotic vacuum cleaner's interactive app control feature. Seamlessly establish virtual walls, schedule cleanings, and select various cleaning modes with ease. Tailor suction power and mop water output, while keeping track of the robot's progress, all through the user-friendly mobile app interface.

Personalized Cleaning

Customize your cleaning routine with the ILIFE T20s for a personalized experience. Its advanced mapping abilities and zone-customized suction/water volume ensure tailored performance to suit your home's needs. Schedule cleaning sessions and utilize the “Find Robot” feature for added convenience. Activate “Do Not Disturb” mode for silent cleaning and monitor consumable management on the map for enhanced efficiency.

Long Runtime with 5200mAh Large Battery

The ILIFE T20s has a bigger 5200mAh battery capacity, which gives it greater power and longer cleaning sessions. It provides a thorough, efficient cleaning of the entire house up to 260 minutes. A large house of about 2800 square feet is quite easy to clean continually and without interruption.

Smart Carpet Pressurization

The T20s comes equipped with specialized features such as automatic carpet boost settings, enhancing its performance by intensifying suction on carpets. This provides efficient dust pickup, leaving no residue behind for a thorough cleaning experience.

Ergonomic & Aesthetic Design

ILIFE T20s boasts a stylish design that not only integrates into your cleaning routine but also seamlessly enhances the overall look of your home. Its sleek Iron Grey finish adds a touch of elegance to any room, making it a visually appealing addition to your living space.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

Effortlessly integrate the ILIFE T20s with Google Home and Alexa for convenient, hands-free control, creating a fully connected smart home experience. Simply use voice commands and make household chores more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension (cm): 33.5 cm*33.5 cm*9.5 cm
Navigation: Laser Detection System
Robot Suction: 5,000Pa
Compatible With: Alexa, Google Home, iOS & Android App (ILIFE Clean)
Cleaning Type: Dry, Wet, Dry & Wet Hybrid
Dust Bin Capacity (Robot): 300ml
Docking Station Suction: 20,000Pa
Dust Bag Capacity (Docking Station): 3.5L
Cleaning Mode: 'Y' Shape Navigation, Auto, Edge, Spot, Max
Colour: Space Gray
Product Content: 1x T20s Robot Vacuum, 1x Self-empty Docking Station, 2x 3.5L Disposable Dust Bags, 1x 2-in-1 Dust & Water Tank, 2x Side Brush, 2x Mop Cloth, 1x Mop Stand, 1x Cleaning Tool, 1x HEPA Filter, 1x User Manual.