ILIFE Side Brush

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Style: A10s/A80 Pro/A9s/B5 Max/L100/S8 Pro/V3s Max/V80/V80 Pro/V8s/V9e - (3x Side Brush Pairs)

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ILIFE side brushes are small, rotating brushes designed to clean the edges and corners of floors and carpets. 

The brushes are made from durable materials that are resistant to wear & tear and can be easily replaced when they become worn or damaged. ILIFE side brushes are an essential component of ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners, helping to ensure that floors and carpets are thoroughly cleaned from edge to edge. 


  • * Remove the side brush and clean it once every week so that it can be used for a longer period. 
  • * It is easy to remove the side brush, just hold and pull it out, but for some of the robotic vacuum cleaner we need to remove the screw. 

Product Description

ILIFE Side Brushes

Product Specifications

The ILIFE side brush is a component designed for sweep debris, dust, and dirt from edges, corners, and along walls into the vacuum's cleaning path.