The future has come, ILIFE Laser Navigation Sweeping Robot A10s is in the market

On June 10, 2022 , ILIFE 's first laser navigation sweeping and dragging integrated robot A10s was launched on ILIFE India, priced at INR33900. Compared with traditional gyroscope planning products, the laser navigation system on the  can greatly optimize the cleaning time and effectively avoid the problems of missed scans and rescans. The launch of the A10s, together with the hot-selling camera navigation model A9s and the washing robot W400, will provide consumers with a variety of home cleaning options.

With the blessing of laser navigation, the environment is clear to the "core"  


Laser navigation technology is known as "the most accurate ruler" and is known for its accuracy and efficiency. In recent years, it has been used in the field of sweeping robots. The new laser navigation system on the A10s uses a highly focused laser beam that is not constrained by light, has an efficient scanning speed of 5x360°, and a ranging frequency of 1800 times per second. Combined with Cortex-A7 quad-core processor and SLAM graphics algorithm to quickly build maps, to optimize the cleaning path and greatly reduce the probability of missed scans and rescans. In response to environmental changes during the cleaning process, the A10s will adjust the cleaning route by changing the data in real time.


In addition, unlike most laser navigation sweeping robots on the market, A10s has an innovative design for the low durability of laser equipment of similar products, and is equipped with intelligent anti-collision hardware facilities with laser probes, which can minimize the use of the process. The possible damage to the laser probe greatly extends the service life of the product.


Optimize the sweeping and mopping function, deep cleaning is easy


The wet mopping function of ILIFE 's products has always attracted much attention. As a new model, the A10s is not only equipped with a large 300ml water tank, but also retains the unique vibration water tank technology of ILIFE. The technology is based on the built-in vibration motor of the water tank. When wet mopping, it is strongly shaken against the ground, up and down, left and right, which can quickly disintegrate the dirt and achieve a deep cleaning effect.



At the same time, the cleaning method has also been further optimized. The 600ml large dust box allows the A10s to be effectively used for cleaning large apartments. The two-in-one roller brush design of the brush and rubber brush maximizes the cleaning effect of the brush and the rubber brush in different ground conditions. Combined with the low-noise, high-performance NIDEC brushless motor, the A10s is more comfortable in vacuuming.


Upgrade the smart index, the flagship configuration is not simple


The intelligent performance of A10s is also very eye-catching. It can memorize the environmental conditions. After cleaning the room once, there is no need to build a map for the second cleaning, which greatly optimizes the cleaning efficiency.


In terms of APP control, in addition to the existing water tank water output control, a handheld virtual wall function is also added, which can easily delineate the restricted area for cleaning. In addition, the product supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

As a cleaning robot brand integrating design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing, ILIFE has sold well in more than 30 countries and regions with its "easy-to-use and inexpensive" pricing strategy and excellent product quality, and has become a cleaning robot favored by consumers around the world. one of the brands. The launch of the A10s will also bring consumers a more intelligent product experience and lifestyle through its rich functions.