Smart, Affordable & Convenient: ILIFE V3x Robotic Vacuum for Effortless Cleaning

Do you get fed up with spending time and money on a vacuum, only to still need to sweep and mop?

ILIFE V3x Robotic Vacuum: A smart and affordable solution for easy cleaning. You cannot get a better deal than that! You get your floor cleaned for less than is spent on a nice dinner out.

V3x has a smartly designed navigation that charts out your space, and gyro sensors help it to easily sweep beneath furniture and in the corners. You can use an app on your phone or voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant to control it. For a quick and effortless full home cleaning without a finger lift, the V3x Robotic Vacuum contains massive power on a small budget. Do you want to stop wasting your time on outdated cleaning techniques? Smart home technology to fit any budget. V3x robot vacuum lets you concentrate on what’s important in life.


Intelligent Navigation for hassle-free floor cleaning.

ILIFE V3x Intelligent Navigation for hassle-free floor cleaning.

The V3x robot, your new best friend for easy floor cleaning. The intelligent navigation system of the robot will map your rooms and clean them perfectly by taking the smart way around, using gyro navigation.

The little one always moves up and down, crawling through furniture and under cabinets trying to clean where he is needed. No need to push a noisy vacuum – just clean with v3x. Control it from your palm using the smart app or with Alexa voice-enabled commands.

Most importantly, the V3x fits your pocket and under your sofa just as well. You pay only a portion of what big brands do, and yet you get the best cleaning and new navigation tech.

Say hello to an affordable robot vacuum; the V3x offers advanced robotics, convenience at the click of a button, and intelligent cleaning for less.

Leave the job to your helpful V3x while you take it easy. This cleaning expert can give your floors a much cleaner look and feel as if just scrubbed for the first time in years! Say hello to your new robot sidekick. This is V3x that will clean your place automatically daily with just a click. A really smart and helpful product to make life easy for you.


Scheduled Cleaning – keep floors tidy between cleanings.

Cleaning the floors is easy with V3x. A good friend for your effortless cleaning is this little robot vacuum cleaner.

Schedule cleans when you want, Develop a schedule to turn on your V3x and clean when you need it.

Coming home late from work? Start it off when you’re away, this will make your floor ready for you when you arrive home.

Do you wish to take a late Saturday morning nap? Therefore, ensure that you schedule it to run on Saturday morning, in such a way that you wake up in a spic and span home. The scheduling options are endless!

V3x has intelligent navigation, and it understands your rooms’ layout to clean thoroughly and perfectly. It has built-in cliff sensors to prevent it from falling down stairs and an anti-collision device to stop it from hitting furniture. This smart little robot vacuum will run over your floors, and get under your furniture to snatch all the dust and dirt leaving the floors sparklingly clean.


The Convenient Mobile App Enables Control Cleaning From Anywhere.

Scheduled Cleaning – keep floors tidy between cleanings.

Take full charge of your V3x robot vacuum using a ILIFEHOME mobile app anywhere! Using your device you can start, stop, schedule and monitor your sessions. Making Cleaning an Easy Process for You.

You have total control wherever you are whether you are working, running errands or on vacation. The convenient app allows you to schedule your cleaning and keep your floors clean despite your absence. So, get alerts that your cleaning begins and ends to calmly understand that everything’s done.

Additionally, the V3x has a hand-free assistant mode that works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Make commands with a snap of the finger without any effort and start, stop, or dock your robot. Your V3x robot vacuum together with your smart home devices is the future of carefree home cleaning.

In general, the intuitive mobile app enables you to customise and manage the cleaning performance of your V3x robotic vacuum. It has always been such an easy and convenient task to clean floors. That’s the way of effortless cleaning.



Every day, smart home devices keep making our lives easier and more organised. For its part, the V3x Robotic Vacuum is leading the trend of offering an economical yet intelligent cleaning alternative for homes and busy people. With its smart navigation, strong suction, and ability to control the app makes the chore of vacuuming easy for you. Thus, you will have one less thing to stress over and some extra room to cherish the beauty of life at its tranquillity. Therefore, relax and let your feet up as the V3x Robotic Vacuum will sort out the cleaning for you.