Meet Your New Cleaning Companion: Introducing the ILIFE V3x Robotic Vacuum


In the fast-paced world we live in, the demand for smarter, more efficient home solutions is higher than ever. Introducing the V3x, the cutting-edge robotic vacuum cleaner designed to revolutionise your cleaning experience. With state-of-the-art technology and smart features, V3x takes autonomous cleaning to a whole new level, ensuring your floors are spotless with minimal effort. Embrace a cleaner, more efficient future with ILIFE V3x.


Magic of Simultaneous Vacuuming and Mopping:

ILIFE V3x Simultaneous cleaning

Multitasking is elevated to a whole new level with the ILIFE V3x. The headache of alternating between mopping and vacuuming can now be put to rest. This robot can easily vacuum and mop in one go with its large dust and water tank capacity.


Offers Suction Power Boost:

ILIFE V3x super strong suction

No more compromising on carpet cleanliness. The V3x identifies carpets intelligently and automatically boosts its suction. This enhanced power tackles embedded dirt and debris, ensuring a thorough clean. Whether it's hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpets, the V3x adapts to various floor types, leaving them spotless.


Multi-modes of Cleaning:

V3x Multi-modes of cleaning

Customise your cleaning experience with the V3x's versatile modes. The Auto mode employs advanced Gyro navigation for efficient back-and-forth cleaning, while the Edge mode tackles walls and corners. The Spot mode is perfect for concentrated messes, and cleaning in a spiral pattern outward. The V3x caters to diverse cleaning needs with precision and flexibility.


Smart App & Voice Control:

V3x Smart App & Voice Control

Take control of your cleaning schedule with the ILIFEHOME app. Schedule cleaning tasks, adjust suction and water output for mopping, track real-time cleaning paths, and receive maintenance reminders—all at your fingertips. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, the V3x brings intelligent control to your smart home, seamlessly integrating into your connected lifestyle.


Large Battery and More Convenience:

V3x large battery

Powered by a robust battery, the V3x provides continuous cleaning at normal suction. For carpet cleaning enthusiasts, it offers a powerful suction. When the battery runs low or cleaning is complete, the robot vacuum autonomously returns to its charging dock, ensuring it's always ready for the next cleaning session.


Intelligent Sensors:

ILIFE V3x Smart sensors

Our robotic vacuum cleaner's sophisticated sensors mark a significant advancement in cleaning technology. These cutting-edge sensors improve the cleaning experience by allowing the robot to precisely avoid obstacles and move fluidly through a variety of surroundings. Our robotic vacuum guarantee effective coverage and avert collisions or falls. These sensors improve the device's robustness and safety while also helping to implement a clever cleaning plan.



As we wrap up our exploration of the ILIFE V3x, it's evident that this robotic vacuum cleaner transcends the ordinary, offering a seamless blend of intelligence, efficiency, and convenience. In the dynamic landscape of smart home solutions, the V3x emerges as a shining star, simplifying your cleaning routine in ways you never thought possible.

Its real 2-in-1 vacuum and mopping capabilities redefine multitasking, saving you time and energy by tackling both tasks simultaneously. The V3x's deep cleaning prowess on carpets, adaptive cleaning modes, and user-friendly app control elevate your home maintenance to new heights.

Make the switch to a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient home with the ILIFE V3x—because your home deserves the best, and so do you. Happy cleaning!