Reviewing the A80 Pro Robotic vacuum cleaner

Reviewing the A80 Pro Robotic vacuum cleaner

It is difficult to keep your home clean in this day and age, especially when you have to do all of the housework. Many of us put cleaning the house on the back burner in favour of our professional lives, socialising, cooking, and other activities. Vacuum cleaners are useful in this situation. What if we told you that a robot vacuum cleaner could assist you in keeping your home clean? It would be like having your robot maid who could clean the house entirely on its own. 
With just a command from your phone, the best robot vacuum cleaners can clean your entire house.
We are introducing the robotic vacuum cleaner A80 Pro
   Features of A80 Pro:
          Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
           Run time: 80-100 minutes
           Dust tank capacity: 450ml
           Water tank capacity: 300ml
           Colour: Gradient Blue
           Suction Power: 2000Pa


  • It has two in one vacuum and as well as mopping system.
  • 2000Pa Suction Power for deep cleaning.
  • Anti fall & Anti collision sensors keep the robots safe from falling or collisions
  • A80Pro has battery capacity 3200 mAh, A80Pro can deliver an approximately 300 mins Per fully charged.
  • It has gyro navigation which improves cleaning efficiency.

Smooth Cleaning 

 Excellent carpet cleaning with advanced features:

Premium cellular dustbin achieves 4-layers filtration:
The most viable A80 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner having many new features, also the scheduling function. The start time of the cleaning process can be planned ahead and the robot cleaner will start cleaning on its own at the scheduled time. ILIFE has recognized the latest trends in Robotic vacuum cleaning and the A80 Pro, stands out as a competitive model with the existing robotics vacuum cleaners in the market.

Try the ILIFE A80 Pro for a cleaner and shinier looking floor at your home or office!
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