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Introducing ILIFE A10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing ILIFE A10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
In today's time, everybody is caught up with their busy routines, hence it is difficult to keep your home clean, especially when you have to do all the housework by yourself. This is where the need for a robotic vacuum cleaner comes in. Having a robot vacuum cleaner can help you keep your house clean. It would be like having your own robot assistant that is smart enough to clean the house completely on its own.
The best robot vacuum cleaners can clean your house with just a command from your mobile phone. They are designed with advanced technology to detect surroundings to prevent falling, give recommendations, get automatically charged and more.

For this we are introducing the vacuum cleaner | A1OS

                                              A10S  robotic Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning requires more effort, ILIFE A10s is the best robotic  vacuum cleaner you can use. It is  into laser navigation. Surely, The robot vacuum scans rooms to create maps. Thereafter, you have to look for the best ways to clean them. It can pick up almost all debris and dust on its path..

The product comes  alternate cleaning modes that you can operate using a physical remote control. It doesn’t come with additional physical buttons on the A10s.


In A10S You will get 2 side brushes, cleaning tools and replacement filter. Side Brushes are colour coded. You can easily snap then into place. A roller brush has been installed into the robot by default. This comes with bristles that you can use for brushing hard floors or carpets.
The robot vacuum comes with a large 300 ml Vibrating water tank and 450 ml in capacity. 

Features of A10S :

         App: Alexa control + Google Home
          Battery Capacity: 3200 MAH
          Dust bin capacity: 450ml
          Water tank capacity:300ml
          Run time: 80-100 minutes
          Charging Time: 300 minutes

Smart Laser Navigation and Mapping :


Modes of cleaning :

It will clean  in zig zag position to clean all the dust partials.


Try the ILIFE A1OS for a cleaner and shinier looking floor at your home or office!.
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