Revolutionizing Commercial Cleaning: How ILIFE X1000 AI Robot Vacuum Redefines Large Space Cleaning in Workplace

ILIFE X1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Make A New Era in Commercial Cleaning with ILIFE 

One innovative solution that seamlessly integrates convenience with technology is the use of commercial cleaning robots in working spaces. These advanced automatic robotic cleaners offer a time-saving cleaning approach and contribute significantly to sustainable living.

Commercial floor cleaning is a crucial task for businesses across various industries. Clean floors enhance the good appeal of a space and contribute to overall hygiene. Mostly, floor cleaning has been done manually using mops, brooms, or vacuum cleaners. However, these methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often ineffective in achieving thorough cleanliness.

Commercial cleaning robots offer a solution to these challenges. These robots are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to navigate through commercial spaces autonomously while effectively cleaning the floors. They can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, saving time and labor costs for businesses. Moreover, robotic vacuums for commercial cleaning ensure consistent cleaning results, eliminating human error and providing a higher level of cleanliness.

ILIFE introduces you to an innovative solution- ILIFE X1000 AI Robot Vacuum

ILIFE X1000 is a commercial cleaning robot  that aims to solve the challenges of large space cleaning. Featured with 20000Pa big suction power, 3L big dust box, and AI smart function, it can clean up to 1000㎡ efficiently without interruption. With a unique modular design, you can maintain it effortlessly, ideal for all surfaces including carpet, wood, laminate, and tile.

Let’s see its features & functionalities that aim to solve the challenges of large space cleaning.

  1. It has super suction power which works great for multiple floor surfaces
ILIFE X1000 AI Robot Vacuum

Powered with 300W high-performance brushless motor, ILIFE X1000 provides up to 20000Pa big suction power. No matter what this commercial robot vacuum works wonders for hard floors or carpets, including multi-surface cleaning- Carpets, Wood, Laminate, and Tile. It is easy to pick up large debris or fine dust effortlessly making it a powerful commercial cleaning robot.

  1. It is embedded with Advanced LiDAR Navigation
ILIFE X1000 large space AI robot vacuum

It scans and then creates maps precisely, quickly scans the environment, and maps the whole area precisely and thoroughly. Its advanced frequency has a 360-degree scanning angle with the Scanning frequency of 5- 13/Hz, it’s great that this office cleaning robot revolutionizes workspace cleaning

  1. It is designed with AI Stereo camera to recognize obstacles and then bypass them.

X1000 can effortlessly recognize objects in its path of cleaning, like shoes, cables, socks, books, towels, bottles, garbage cans, flowerpots, etc, and optimize its route, so you don't have to move anything before you start cleaning, it optimizes its route autonomously, navigating around obstacles with ease hence increases the efficiency and aim of being an automatic cleaning robot 

This becomes more helpful for industries, designed to clean larger spaces, and used as an industrial cleaning machine.

  1. Embedded with 3D ToF sensor to detect and then avoid obstacles.

3D ToF Sensors revolutionize obstacle detection in commercial cleaning machine, its advanced technology ensures clean and seamless operation. With a ranging accuracy of ±45mm, the X1000 can detect and avoid obstacles with great precision, ensuring a thorough and hassle-free cleaning experience. 

Advanced two modes of operation of ILIFE X1000 large space AI robot vacuum 

Touch-Screen Operation

ILIFE commercial cleaning robots

X1000 is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen, making the operation of  ILIFE X1000 easily via this screen for users of all ages, no matter whether you are a child or aged, it is easy to use. 

X1000 offers a convenient 'lock' feature for the screen, ensuring that no unintended interactions happen during the cleaning operation.

Enhanced App Control

Users can experience the convenience of cleaning with App integration. X1000 supports customizing cleaning via the App. So when you are on the way home or work,

Embrace cleaning control at your fingertips with the X1000 and its intuitive mobile App functionality.

- 3D Mapping
- Multi-Floor Mapping
- Customize Cleaning
- No-go Zone
- Schedule Cleaning

    Learn More on this here 

    Let's see more intelligent features of commercial cleaning robots-

    Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa

    You can control it all with your phone or voice! The X1000  is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for hands-free convenience. You can control it from absolutely anywhere. You can also customize the cleaning tasks, adjust the suction power, or simply tell it to start cleaning.

    Auto-recharge & Breakpoint Resume Cleaning

    With the auto-resume feature, the ILIFE X1000 can resume cleaning tasks by going back to the same position where it left off before needing a recharge. After the recharge is done it makes sure to start from where it left off, ensuring a thorough non-stop cleaning of your floors making it a dry floor cleaning machine for industrial use.

    Where can ILIFE X1000 be used? 

    Workshop / Warehouse / Office / Supermarket / Hotel / Big House and more.., it can be used as an industrial cleaning robot

    Use our ILIFE X1000 AI Robot Vacuum to make your large space cleaning effortless and revolutionize workplace cleaning.

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