Are ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners with LiDAR Technology Worth the Investment?

Investing in a smart vacuum could be a game-changer!

Join us on a journey to explore the world of ILIFE's robotic vacuum cleaners and discover whether these technology cleaning assistants are truly worth the investment.

What are LiDAR Technology Robotic Vacuum Cleaners?

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has been increasingly integrated into robotic vacuum cleaners to enhance their navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities. LiDAR works by sending out laser beams in different directions. These laser beams hit objects like walls, furniture, or anything in the robot's path. A robot measures how long it takes for the laser beams to bounce back after hitting an object. By knowing the time it took for the beams to return, the robot figures out how far the objects are. It uses this information to make a map of its surroundings, like a blueprint of the room

with this map, the robot decides where to move, avoiding obstacles and finding the best path to clean efficiently.

So, in simple terms, LiDAR helps the robot see its environment, figure out where things are, and move around without bumping into them.

Here's how LiDAR technology benefits Robotic Vacuum Cleaners.


ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners



Improved Navigation: ILIFE Robotic vacuum cleaners utilize LiDAR sensors capable of precise 360-degree scans and scanning speeds of 4000 samples per second (4000S/s). This accelerated scanning process allows for swift and accurate mapping of the surrounding environment, doubling the speed of map creation. 

Mapping and Localization: LiDAR technology enables precise mapping of the cleaning area and helps the robot localize itself within that space. Consequently, these robotic vacuum cleaners can generate detailed maps, with the ability to save up to 5 maps simultaneously.

Obstacle Avoidance: LiDAR sensors can detect obstacles in real time, such as furniture, toys, or other objects on the floor. These sensors enable the robot to detect and avoid potential hazards, such as drops or collisions with furniture, ensuring that it navigates safely and minimizes the risk of damage to both itself and household items.

Dynamic Adaptation: Some advanced robotic vacuum cleaners with LiDAR can adapt to changes in the environment dynamically. For example, they can adjust their cleaning path if furniture is moved or new obstacles are introduced into the space during the cleaning process.

Better Performance in Low Light Conditions: Unlike other navigation technology LiDAR is less affected by variations in lighting conditions. These Robots ensure consistent navigation performance even in dimly lit environments.

Let us see the top-end models of ILIFE with LiDAR technology

Most robotic vacuum cleaners equipped with LiDAR technology offer similar features, certain capabilities may be enhanced in the latest releases. Common features among all these products include simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, compatibility with voice assistants and the inclusion of a no-go zone feature. 

The ILIFE LiDAR models such as the A20, T10s and T20s

Currently, the most popular and in-demand products among these are A20, T10s, and T20s. These models can save up to 5 maps.  T-series robots offer the convenience of a self-emptying dust tank, with a powerful suction capability of 20000pa. The self-emptying feature allows the robot to automatically deposit collected dust from the dust tank, saving you the hassle of manual emptying and ensuring continuous cleaning performance.

ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

T20s is the latest model with LiDAR technology, launched recently by ILIFE, It stands out with its extraordinary suction power of up to 5000Pa and extended battery life of up to 5200 mAh. This model comes with a dust bag with a capacity of up to 3.5L allowing the dust bag to hold accumulated dust for an extended period, up to 70 days.

Aside from the self-emptying tank feature in the T-series, all LiDAR technology robots share similar functionalities. These include multi-level mapping, advanced object recognition, Y-shape, auto-resume and customized cleaning capabilities. Variations among different models may exist in suction power, dust and water tank capacities, and battery life. This ensures that users can expect reliable navigation, precise cleaning, and customizable options regardless of the specific LiDAR-equipped robot they choose.

ILIFE X1000, The latest LiDAR technology Robotic Vacuum Cleaner which stands as the world's first commercial & home dual-purpose robot vacuum with incredible suction power designed to address the challenges of cleaning large commercial areas. With a powerful suction capability, a spacious 3L dust box, advanced AI functionality, and two detachable batteries, each capable of operating independently, the X1000 can achieve a runtime of more than 3 hours. Utilizing its 3D ToF sensors and its dual stereo camera, the X1000 intelligently avoids obstacles and ensures consistent cleaning with an intuitive 5.0-inch touchscreen interface, providing users with seamless and convenient operation. It comes with an interactive face display, adding a unique touch to its features. By utilizing all its extraordinary capabilities, the X1000 robotic vacuum cleaner truly stands out from its competitors.


With LiDAR, these robots can create detailed maps of your home, allowing for customized cleaning routes and targeted cleaning of specific areas. This advanced technology enhances convenience by optimizing cleaning efficiency and ensuring thorough coverage of your space. It offers a superior cleaning experience and saves you time and effort in the long run.

In addition to LiDAR technology robots, ILIFE also offers various models with gyroscopic navigation, such as the V5x, V3x, V3s Max, A80 Pro, and B5max, which deliver exceptional cleaning performance with powerful suction, large dust and water tanks, and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa for hands-free operation. They also feature auto-charging functionality for uninterrupted cleaning sessions. The key difference is that gyroscopic models rely on real-time mapping and do not save maps for future use. Additionally, ILIFE provides the A9s robotic vacuum cleaner, equipped with a camera for Panoramic Navigation, ensuring thorough cleaning. These features make ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners a worthy investment for convenient and efficient cleaning routines. Visit our website for more information on these models.


Investing in ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners with LiDAR technology can be worthwhile based on its extraordinary features and capabilities. The addition of advanced functionalities such as multi-floor mapping and LiDAR navigation technology ensures that these cleaners adapt seamlessly to various home layouts, providing thorough and efficient cleaning.

The convenience offered by features like Alexa and app control enhances the user experience, this level of automation not only saves time but also contributes to a cleaner and more comfortable living environment.

Overall, the combination of innovative features, smart navigation technology, and user-friendly controls makes ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners with LiDAR technology a valuable investment for individuals seeking an automated and hassle-free cleaning experience in their homes.

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