Reviewing the A9s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A9s is a robot vacuum cleaner that can mop the floor and help you keep it clean. It has a disc-like shape and wheels fitted at the bottom. So, it navigates around the house easily.

Its vacuum area comes with brushes that suck and picks up the dirt off the floor. For better cleaning, it has a rubber roller without a bristled brush. The floor mopping robot India has a high-performing filter that can trap microscopic elements. There is an additional brush tool that can help in cleaning out the rollers and compartments.

You can charge the robot on the charging station.




Cleaning Modes and Design

A9s is only 3-inches tall. So, it can easily slide under beds, couches, and other furniture. The vacuum cleaner has different cleaning modes, such as-

  • Auto
  • Edge
  • Max
  • Spot


The Auto mode can be used for regular cleaning purposes. In this mode, the mop robot vacuum cleans in an organized path. So, it makes straight lines when you mow the grass. Max mode will offer an extra suction rate for smaller areas covered in dust. You can use the Edge mode for the corners or the borders. When you are cleaning large areas covered in debris and dust, use the Spot mode.