How to Connect ILIFE A9s to the Smartphone App

ILIFE A9s can be connected to smartphone app. With its real-time display, you can track the cleaning progress. The water supply can also be controlled via smartphone app, in three different levels. Before connecting to the smartphone, make sure that Wi-Fi and location on your smartphone is turned on. Follow these steps to connect your ILIFE A9s robot to your smartphone.

  • Install ILIFE robot AS app from play store on your phone:
  • Add/select your A9s robot and it will ask for Wi-Fi password. Enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • Turn on the robot and press play button on robot for a few seconds until you hear a Wi-Fi announcement.
  • Select “starting Wi-Fi pairing mode”. Go to settings and select “Robot Wi-Fi”. Again go to settings and it will start searching a network and gets connected.
  • Now from your smartphone, you can easily adjust the start times from anywhere.