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How to schedule ILIFE V55 robotic vacuum cleaner to clean at a specific time

How to schedule ILIFE V55 robotic vacuum cleaner to clean at a specific time

 One important feature of ILIFE V55 is cleaning schedule, which can be adjusted very quickly and easily. Once the schedule is set, V55 will start working automatically at specified time. To set the schedule, please follow the instruction given below: 

  1. Turn ON the power switch and press PLAN button on the main body of robot to schedule cleaning at a specific time.
  2. If the schedule time is set to 5:30, the robot will start cleaning after 5 hours and 30 minutes.
  3. To set the time, SPOT button and HOME button are used. SPOT button is used to decrease the number and HOME button is used to increase the button.
  4. After setting the schedule, make sure to press CLEAN button to confirm it.
  5. When you set the schedule, the final operation will be confirmed by beep from the robot. If there is no beep sound, operation is unsuccessful.
  6. Once the schedule is set, the robot will work at this time everyday until the schedule is cleared.
  7. If the power switch on the side of robot is turned OFF, the schedule will be cleared.
  8. If we press and hold PLAN button for 5 seconds, schedule will be cancelled.
  9. Plan can also be cancelled by adjusting the time on display screen to 00:00.

NOTE: When timer is scheduled on robot, please ensure that the power switch is turned ON and it is not connected to adapter plug-in, it should be on the docking station.

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