2024 New Launch: ILIFE A20, a Highly Skilled Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You’ve been waiting for this moment; the hype has already established itself in your mind, but now it is over. One of the most advanced robotic vacuums so far was just introduced, the ILIFE India A20. It’s a powerhouse of suction and navigation set to revolutionize how you keep your home clean and free up hours in your week. The A20, with its advanced LiDAR navigation system, 4000Pa suction power, and slim design, is the robot vacuum cleaner that combines all your mopping dreams. Welcome to the future—no more brooming; let A20 offer you an automated clean home.

  1. Boost Your Cleaning Game: Are you in search of a vacuum cleaner that does more than the ordinary? Look no further! The ILIFE A20 is equipped with LiDAR technology, which makes it easy and effective in navigating around your home. This machine is equipped, with a suction of 4000Pa and no surface left uncleaned. The innovative simultaneous vacuuming and mopping feature will ensure spotless, clean, irresistibly shiny floors.
  1. Superior Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot: Worried that allergens and dust may be hiding in your carpets and corners? The ILIFE A20 automatic vacuum cleaner robot has room selection cleaning. You can make a virtual wall for certain parts of your home from the ILIFE Clean app.
  1. Floor Cleaner Machine: Are you fed up with carrying around heavy cleaning gear? Cleaning has never been easier thanks to ILIFE India’s floor cleaner machine. Watch as the ILIFE A20 seamlessly vacuums and mops the floor using its hybrid dust and water tank. It removes dirt, debris, and even tough stains easily. Say goodbye to difficult cleaning tasks and hello to a more convenient and efficient way of keeping your home clean.
  1. A Pet Owner's Dream: Greetings to the World Free of Fur, As a pet owner, you are well aware of the difficulties of keeping your floors fur-free. But fret no more! The robotic vacuum cleaner developed by ILIFE India with mopping abilities is specially designed to fight pet hair. Its intense suction and 2-in-1 floating roller brush combine to effectively clean carpeted floors as well as different surfaces like hard floor, tiles, granite floors, wooden floors, cemented floor and others leaving your living space free from pet hair and bacteria for both you and all members of the furry family.
  1. Luxury Meets Convenience: If you enjoy high-end items and want to include them in your home, ILIFE India's autonomous vacuum cleaner robot is a great option. The multi-mapping capability allows you to map huge homes with up to three stories. You may feel the joy of customized cleaning, scheduling, and adjusting suction power; these unique features not only improve your home environment but also save up your valuable time for more leisurely activities.


Welcome to an era full of freedom from boring manual house chores with ILIFE India's best robotic vacuum & mop. If you are a homemaker who is seeking the ultimate cleaning solution or if you own pets in search of having fur-free home life, this automatic vacuum cleaner robot aims to change your mindset and transform your routine. Prepare to enjoy the comfort, convenience, and pleasure of a neat home with just one touch. Revolutionize your cleaning experience.

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