What are the Standard Features of all models of ILIFE Vacuum Cleaners?
These are the Standard Features with All ILIFE Models:

Cliff sensors: There are 8-10 cliff sensors underneath to detect stairs / cliff, which stop robot from falling

Auto Recharge: Once cleaning is finished or battery discharges, it will go automatically for docking

Scheduling: Cleaning can be scheduled at specific time

HEPA Filter: All ILIFE Cleaners have HEPA (High Efficiency particulate air) filter to arrest very fine particles for efficient cleaning

Front Bumpers: There is a front bumper to reduce nicking or scuffing against the furniture

App/Remote Control: All ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with remote control

Front Bumper: Front Bumper ensures to reduce the impact after sensing any closeby object by reducing the speed of cleaner.

Which Dry and Wet Model is suitable according to size of my house?
For a house Size of 1500 Sq Ft. V5s Pro, V5x and B5 Max are the best Dry and Wet cleaner based upon Cleaning Pattern. B5 Max follows path and random pattern where as V5x and V5s Pro follows random pattern.

For a house Size larger than 2500 Sq Ft. A10s and A9s with vibrating water tank are the best dry and wet mopping based Vacuum Cleaner . In A10s has Lidar Navigation and Mapping System Whereas A9s has Panoview Navigational Camera. All our robotic vacuum cleaner having self-charging system means if the battery goes down, it will auto resume from last location, it left.

What are the different Patterns of Cleaning a house?
There are two patterns that Vacuum Cleaner follows:

Random Cleaning Pattern: In Random Pattern, vacuum cleaner will change its cleaning path, when it will hit any object or device. This is useful in small houses, as it will keep cleaning area more efficiently. Further once the battery goes down, it will automatically dock to the charging base station.

Path Cleaning Pattern – In Path Pattern, it will divide the house in different cell/segments and then will clean them systematically ('S' Pattern). Once the cleaning pattern is finished, it will automatically goes for charging to its dock.

Will the ILIFE Robotic Cleaner leaves Scratches on the Floor or Hardwood surface?
The Roller wheels of ILIFE Robots are covered with soft rubber to prevent any scratches/damage to any type of flooring.

How to use Disinfectant with ILIFE Vacuum Cleaner for better result?
ILIFE recommends to use clean RO water in water tank and sprinkle Disinfectant like Phenyl, Dettol etc. on the Mopping Cloth for better cleaning. Detergents / disinfectants should not be mixed with water inside Water Tank, as the residuals will block the outlets of the tank, disabling the robot’s mopping function. If disinfectant is kept for long, the acidic content will further damage the structure of Water Tank of V7s Plus, V5s Pro & A Series.

What will be the average monthly operational cost of using ILIFE product?
The average operational cost of owning a Vacuum Cleaner is: Microfibre Mopping Cloth: ₹ 250- ₹300, HEPA Filters: ₹200 - ₹300, Electricity Bill: Rs 30-35/- Per Month.

Note: They need to be replaced after every 2-3 months, depending upon the amount of dust collected.

What will be the Package content of Robotic Cleaner ?
Vacuum Cleaner x1, Power Adapter x1, Charging base x1, Cleaning Brush x1, Side Brushes Set x2, HEPA Filters x2, Remote Control x1, Dust Tank x1, Water Tank x1 (optional), Bristle Brush x2 (optional), ElectroWall x1 (optional), Mopping Base x1 (optional),Mopping Cloth x2 (optional), Quick Start Guide x1, Warranty Card x1.

How do I Register my ILIFE product for warranty?
Please register your product at : Product Registration.

Any question?
In case of any other query, please call us at 1800-258-5433! We will be happy to assist you.