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Product Dimension(cm): 33.0cm*32.0cm*9.4cm
Navigation: Laser Detection System
Compatible With: Alexa, Google Home, iOS & Android App (ILIFE Home)
Cleaning Type: Dry and Wet
Dust Bin Capacity: 450ml
Noise Level: ≤ 63dB
Cleaning Mode: Path Pattern, Edge, Spot, Max
Colour: White
Product Content: 1x L100 Robotic Vacuum, 1x Water Tank, 1x Dust Tank, 1x Charging Base,  1x Power Adapter, 2x HEPA Filter, 2x Mopping Cloth, 1x Cleaning Brush, 2x Side Brush, 1x Bristle Brush, 1x Silicon Brush, 1x Remote Control, 1x User Manual
EAN: 6971263070885

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If cleaning requires more effort, ILIFE L100 is the best robot vacuum you can use. It is the brand’s first foray into laser navigation. Surely, it is an addition that has paid off. The robot vacuum scans rooms to create maps. Thereafter, you have to look for the best ways to clean them. It can pick up almost all debris and dust on its path.

The product comes with alternate cleaning modes that you can operate using a physical remote control. It doesn’t come with additional physical buttons on the L100.



L100 comes with a decent number of add-ons. You are going to get 2 side brushes, cleaning tools, a replacement filter, the actual dock and vacuum, and the rubber brush.

The side brushes are color-coded. So, you can easily snap them into place. A roller brush has been installed into the unit, by default. This comes with bristles that you can use for brushing hard floors or carpets.

However, if you have to pick up the latter pieces of debris, like dirt on the front floor, you can just equip the rubber brush rather than swapping the two.

The dustbin on L100 is placed on the rear. You can pull apart a clamshell dustbin for emptying. The product comes with a cellular dustbin. Hence, it can trap more allergens and dust as it cleans.

The vacuum comes with two brush rolls. One installed is a combo of rubber fins and bristles, while the other is rubber with fins in a repeating V shape.

The robot vacuum comes with a large 300ml vibrating water tank. While, the dust tank is 450ml in capacity.


What’s in the Box: Inside the box, you will find the robot, charging dock, remote control, two brush rolls, two extra side brushes, a plastic disk that will expand the dock footprint, 1 extra filter, 1 extra Mop, adapter and a brush cleaning tool.


Cleaning Performance: Its quick mapping surrounding makes it easier for you to clean using the vacuum cleaner. In order to clean, it first has to map it out. Once the area has been mapped, you can save it permanently. By doing this, you can get access to more features, such as setting up invisible walls and no-go zones. 
When it comes to cleaning, the robot vacuum does an excellent job. The default S-pattern cleans up the majority of the space. It can also navigate most of the obstacles.

Note: The robot is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi only.


Smart APP Control - ILIFE HOME APP gives you full access to robot’s functions anytime, anywhere.

Custom area - After a quick scan of the home environment, ILIFE L100 will build up a map for you to choose a specific room or multiple rooms for an immediate clean. 

To-go zone - Circle an area which needs intense cleaning, and tell the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean the customized area only. 

No mop zone - Zone the “carpet area” on App to avoid robot entering it while mopping. 

Multi-floor Mapping - L100 uses accurate laser scanning to recognize and save different levels of a home. Every floor can have different cleaning routines, particular to-go zones and invisible walls. 

Auto boost on customized area - For these localized areas with heavy stains, circle them out on ILIFEHOME APP and turn on suction boost to clean them completely. 

Schedule to clean specific rooms - Open ILIFEHOME APP, schedule the particular cleaning routine for a specific room or an area. 

Frequency of side brushes - Brushing rate: 100-240rpm adjusting to the optimum brushing rate on different floor conditions to perform the best cleaning efficiency. 

Large Cellular Dustbin -It uses self-developed design to capture more dust including allergens, helping you keep the air fresh and clean. Also the Cellular design reduces the possibility of the filter get blocked, therefore less suction will get lost and maintain the powerful suction. 

  • Collection
  • Isolation
  • Filtration
  • Sedimentation
  • Dustbin cover
  • Filter
  • Conical cylinders
  • Cellular structure
  • 450ml dustbin

Large Battery Capacity - Built-in large battery capacity with Auto Resume Function for Continous Cleaning Cycle. Each Cleaning cycle is for 100 minutes, sufficient for 2500 Sqft., before Auto-Resume recharge. 

2-in-1 Roller Brush -Maintain close contact with the floor and adjust to uneven surface automatically, easier to pick up dust and debris. 

Multiple Cleaning Modes: 

  • Auto Mode- Suitable for most interior setting.
  • Edge Mode - Cleans edge and corner of walls.
  • Spot Mode - Deep cleans a specific area.
  • Max Mode - Vacuums with increased suction.

 Smart Laser Navigation and Mapping - The robot navigates and maps your home accurately with intelligent laser scanning, analyses the floor condition in real-time, adapts to any floor changes, and optimizes the cleaning path. 

 Smart Sensors 
- Protect your furniture - With full set of sensors L100 won’t bump into or damage furniture. 
-Avoid stairs - Cliff detection sensors allow L100 to avoid stairs. 

 Patent Vibrating Water Tank - Imitate the way humans mop for deep cleaning – rubbing back and forth while vibrating up and down. The 3-level adjustable water flows quickly loosen and dissolve stubborn stains.


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smart laser navigation and mapping alexa and google home patent vibrating watertank different cleaning modes smarter app control large battery capacity multiple features automatic recharge automatic recharge