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  • Product Dimension (mm): 330*320*76
  • Navigation: Camera and Gyroscope
  • Body Material: Aluminium alloy cover
  • Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Noise Level: General≤ 63dB,Max≤ 70dB
  • Run time: 90 min
  • Charging Time: 300 min
  • Color: Black

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Autonomous Cleaning Robot

The ILIFE A9s is a disc-shaped autonomous cleaning robot that will solve all your house cleaning problems with its AI-controlled brain. The autonomous vacuum cleaner robot has wheels on the bottom to move freely around your house and solve all your cleaning problems without the help of your "demanding housemaids". Now, A9s comes with amazing features like Alexa and Google Home control.

A9s Features:

The ILIFE A9s is packed with endless features and functions:

  • Detachable side brushes that efficiently clean dust and debris from all types of flooring.
  • 2 in 1 roller brushes- on front and back that help the autonomous vacuum cleaner robot to maintain closer contact with all types of flooring and effortlessly move on uneven floors to pick up and clean all the dirt.
  • Very powerful 1000Pa suction technology- Nidec brushless motor power that noiselessly cleans spaces, leaving your house crystal clean.
  • A cellular dustbin that collects dust from every nook and corner of your house and releases fresh and clean air.

Enjoy next-level AI(Artificial Intelligence) experience with A9s Auto-recharge technology. The autonomous cleaning robot automatically goes to its Charging Dock when it detects a low battery. After recharge, it goes back to the position where it was mopping or cleaning earlier. So, you don't have to worry about its whereabouts. This smart device surely knows “where to belong”.

This smart device is equipped with a pioneering Vibrating Water Tank that mops the floors just like humans. The vibrating motor in the mop repeatedly cleans at one spot with close contact to the floor for optimum cleaning. You can also set up an Electro Wall that will define areas for the robot where no cleaning is required. The Electro Wall is emitted using infrared technology that has a maximum range of 3 metres. 

Additional Features:

Other features of this autonomous cleaning robot include:

  • Camera navigation that uses New generation eye-in space cruise system and CV- SLAM visual image position algorithms. A built-in V07725 camera and gyroscope that takes 360-degree photos of the house. It automatically discovers areas that need cleaning with its intelligent brain.
  • A large 450ml dustbin that does not require frequent disposal of debris
  • 2600 mAh battery with 90-100 Minutes work-time and 300 minutes charging time
  • IML and Aluminium Alloy wiring, shining surfaces, anti-corrosion and do not decolour.

You can control the A9s autonomous vacuum cleaner robot with the ILIFE App. The app Remote Controlling System sets up a cleaning map in real-time. It also records the recent cleaning settings and saves it for a week to keep following the pattern, gives malfunction alerts, adjusts water volume- gentle to strong. It sends alerts to the app when any cleaning brush needs replacement, OTA updates to clean any update bugs over Wifi. In short, this autonomous cleaning robot is smarter than any “Bai” you can ever get for your household

Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Looking for an affordable robot vacuum with voice and phone control? ILIFE A9s can be a great option. It cleans low-pile carpet and hardwood floors. The vacuum cleaner comes with all premium features that you usually come across in pricier models, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice support, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to map out the home for effective navigation.

Cleaning Modes and Design
ILIFE A9s comes with the additional ability to mop the floor. It has a low-profile design and is only 3 inches tall. It can easily pass under beds, couches, and other furniture.The design of the vacuum cleaner is shorter than many other vacuum cleaners. 
You will find different cleaning modes on the product. These are: 
• Edge: For corners and borders 
• Auto: Cleans in a methodical path 
• Spot: For a larger area with concentrated debris and dust 
• Max: Delivers additional suction power for smaller regions with set-in dust 

ILIFE A9s can automatically map out the home for an effective cleaning route and detect the missed spots. The vacuum comes with two different brushes, including a pre-installed rubber brush for soiled areas and a bristle brush. There is also an additional set of soiled brushes. The dust tank of A9s is 450ml and the water tank is 300ml.

A9s moves efficiently and quickly without creating any sound. It is just as loud as a fan when you clean the room you are in. You can surely watch TV or have a conversation while it works in the background. It moves with ease and can move between various flooring types. The vacuum has a small electronic wall that can be placed anywhere you do not like to clean.

Voice Control and App: It is easy and straightforward to connect it to the app. As soon as you get it connected, you can start cleaning tasks directly from your phone. When the vacuum cleans, there is a basic map of the home layout in the app that shows where it is covered. The app will show the total square meters that the robot has covered. With the remote, control feature, you can direct the app to a certain spot that requires cleaning. The app lets you check the history of the cleaning jobs. The A9 supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It is one of the best affordable robot vacuum cleaners you will find in the market.

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