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Product Dimension:1150x265x258 mm
Battery Capacity:2200 mAh
Charging Time: 3-4 hrs Fast Charging
Rated Voltage (Floor Head):25.2v
Rated Voltage (Vacuum Cleaner): 25.9v
Run Time: 30 minutes

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G80 Product Description

ILIFE G80 is a unique innovation. It is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that is made exceptionally powerful and versatile. With it, you can completely clean your house with ease and seamless comfort. It saves space as well as keeps your home neat and tidy.


  • A durable Nidec brushless motor that offers up to 22Kpa suction.
  • A unique spinning side brushes to cover corners and edges.
  • Multiple modes of cleaning for various cleaning requirements.
  • 4 stage filtration with a cyclone system to separate different sized dust particles.
  • High capacity 2500mAh battery that allows efficient cleaning for 45 minutes.
  • LED display showing real-time device status and the cleaning modes.
  • Swivel motorized floor head for smooth cleaning around corners and edges.
  • Built-in LED lights to illuminate dark areas for cleaning.
  • Adjustable suction power, depending on the level of cleaning required.
  • Convenient one-touch disposal and washable filter.
  • Easy storage and accessibility.

In G80 You will get 10 features such as:

It is easily switch to Handheld vacuum

Suitable for various floors

Deeply clean low carpets

Clean hard-to-reach areas

Remove dust in high places

Pick up debris on sofa

Handle quick cleanups

Powerful and Versatile for Your Entire House

Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Up To 22Kpa Suction

Unique side Brush Cleans Corners and edges

Convenient One-touch Disposal and Washable Filter

Simply press the release button to empty the dustbin without touching the dust and trash. The washable filter is eco-friendly and easy to maintain to keep the peak performance of the device


Adjustable suction power

the superior brushless motor provides the G80 with 10 Kpa (Normal mode) for up to 45 minutes runtime or 22 Kpa (Max mode) for when you need a deeper clean.

Real-Time Device Status

The G80 will promptly stop and alert you on the LED display if the brush is entangled or the airflow is clogged. The battery status and working modes are also clear at a glance.

ILIFE G80 Nidec Brushless Motor Modes of Cleaning Side Brush 4 stage filtration Runtime Swivel motorized floor head adjustable suction power Convient one touch disposal 2 ways to store Real time Device status
ILIFE G80 Nidec Brushless Motor Unique side brush cleans modes of cleaning 4 stage  filtration with cyclone system 2500mAh battery  Swivel motorized floor head adjustable suction power Convient one touch disposal 2 ways to store